Typographic Rain  

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Uploaded: 11/05/08 12:26 AM GMT
Typographic Rain
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From time to time, I get inspired by the beauty of typography. This wallpaper is made from only these symbols: O A b { ( ) ~ ! * , . The font used is Adobe Caslon Pro. More sizes, download for mobile phone, send as e-card: Thanks!


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11/05/08 1:12 PM GMT
Great composition...I love typographic compositions too! Into the favs!
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11/05/08 3:14 PM GMT
Your work is wonderful. I greatly admire your creativity.
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11/05/08 9:43 PM GMT
Fascinating and Absolutely Wonderful work..Love it
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11/05/08 11:30 PM GMT
Very, very nicely done. =^..^= sandi ♪
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11/06/08 10:02 AM GMT
Brilliant stuff again!
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11/06/08 10:44 PM GMT
I just love this. It is pretty in both colors.
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11/07/08 9:32 AM GMT
This is just wonderful!
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11/08/08 11:39 PM GMT
Your work is and continues to be absolutely wonderful!
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11/27/08 1:39 AM GMT
very funny, but what happened to those Vlad colours?
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live and let live
01/27/09 5:56 AM GMT
This is absolutely amazing . I can't imagine doing this, but I am going to try...looks like a lot of fun. Verena
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