Typographic World Map  

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Uploaded: 12/15/08 12:25 AM GMT
Typographic World Map
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I love drawing world maps! This time, shape of each country is represented by its name. More sizes, download for mobile phone, send as e-card to friends: Thanks!


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12/15/08 12:41 AM GMT
great work! i love maps and i like this one very much. :) fav-ed it :)
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12/15/08 3:48 PM GMT
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live and let live
12/15/08 11:08 PM GMT
As a geographer I find your world map extremely clever.
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A friend of Bill's
12/16/08 2:17 AM GMT
Excellent! =^..^= sandi ♪
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Nature in all her glory is my uplift on life and so is my love of photography. ♪ ♫ ♪sandi ♪ ♫ ♪
12/16/08 2:52 AM GMT
Amazing concept......Fav/10...........
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12/16/08 4:48 PM GMT
Creative, I like it!
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12/16/08 7:22 PM GMT
Fantastic idea..Cool work.
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12/17/08 4:19 AM GMT
love it! you forgot Denmark thought.
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12/17/08 6:51 AM GMT
freaking awesome concept i love it ! very pop art!
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Its all make believe, isnt it?
12/17/08 9:14 AM GMT
If I were to meet this in the voting booth I'd grade this 100/10! It's very different! I'm sure if this were to be animated in after effects it would be very wonderful! I totally love this!
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watatatatatata!!! XDXDXDXDXD
12/18/08 7:44 AM GMT
Amazing again...Vlad! Onto the desktop...and into the favs!
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12/18/08 12:59 AM GMT
Very interesting and creative idea! I like it.
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02/12/09 6:03 AM GMT
What a great idea to represent the big and small countries in the world with words!! Very nice idea, as usual. I enjoy you creations so much, you know that. Thanx again. Verena
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06/04/09 11:53 PM GMT
So cool!
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07/19/09 9:12 PM GMT
this is awesome! gone straight to my favs!
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I will destroy you, you evil! My gallery
07/25/09 7:05 AM GMT
I absolutely love the art behind this. Great job!
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08/14/09 4:27 PM GMT
That is nifty!
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07/18/12 9:32 AM GMT
sometimes the simple ideas really does a great impact.. great work!
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