Boat House  

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Uploaded: 06/12/04 8:49 PM GMT
Boat House
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My boathouse has seen better days, but I haven't


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06/12/04 9:13 PM GMT
For my pleasure and use this is a perfect photo. Beautiful, clear, and well positioned subject.
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B.J. ;)
06/13/04 12:21 AM GMT
I like the tones in this one. Its terrific.
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There are three colours, Ten digits and seven notes, its what we do with them thatís important. Ruth Ross
06/13/04 1:09 AM GMT
wow! great shot.
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06/13/04 7:03 AM GMT
Beautiful image and nice shot.
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Carpe diem --- I support and thanks everyone.---
06/13/04 9:55 AM GMT
i love this winter image , great composition of colours and contraste. great shot.:-)
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enjoy nature and respect your enviorment.....
06/13/04 1:32 PM GMT
Greatest desktop for a hot day. Many thanks.
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Another Caedes addict and devoted fan. Just wait till I get my own camera !
06/14/04 1:12 AM GMT
Thanks everyone. I live on the prairies, and the boat in that house is a 81 chevy impala. Some old timers say that when we get a heavy frost, (like that in the pic) 6 months later to the day, we get rain.
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In the gutter, you see nothing but stars (Wilder)
06/14/04 2:15 AM GMT
beautiful boathouse
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Life is short... Eat dessert first!
06/15/04 11:22 AM GMT
Wonderful picture - there's just enough colour in the wood to add a touch of warmth :-)
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06/15/04 11:36 PM GMT
Excellent shot - what a "cool" desktop!
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never give up
07/24/04 6:09 PM GMT
Just found your photos. Very nice. I like the peaceful easy feeling after a new snowfall. Perfectly captured. I like.
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06/16/05 8:30 PM GMT
Thatís A great picture
You have my vote for this image

qe'ci'yťw'yew (thank you)
Greetings From The Netherlands nez perce Henk.
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09/30/05 10:33 PM GMT
Wonderful picture, love the blue gray of the boat house against the snow. Very striking.
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10/15/05 6:19 AM GMT
This is very very close to being perfect ... and I really hope you don't mind me saying that.

The symmetry could be oh so marginally improved if the image was rotated ever so slightly to the right. Ok, please allow me to explain ... and I will try ...

Where the right hand portion of the boat house is cropped, it is higher than the left hand side, distorting the image in my mind. My eye seems to see a perspective that is not really there. And giving the image a slight 'tilt,' if you will.

I truly love the silvered weathered look of the wood, and contrasted against the white of the snow makes this a particularly strong image. Add the wonderful, almost geometric pattern of the snow covered bush and ... wow.

The composition is very very good. Really nice balance overall.

Great stuff, and please view my commnetary as suggestions and more so, praise for a fantastic image. Thanks for sharing.
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The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes. - Marcel Proust
07/06/06 12:26 AM GMT
I love this photo, with everything gently frosted with snow. It looks so welcoming, yet a little mysterious... Nonetheless, great work.
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The camera doesn't make a bit of difference. All of them can record what you are seeing. But, you have to <i>see</i>.<br> -Ernst Haas
01/23/09 12:40 AM GMT
A beautiful picture!
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04/22/09 4:14 PM GMT
Great Shot!! Stunning and Beautiful!!
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11/26/09 6:57 PM GMT
Ah, one of those dreamy winter days when the snow is still fresh on the branches...
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