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What better than marriage says love.. Black & White colorized, violin playing friend of mine, with a large part of his life being his marriage.. see another in this series


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01/04/04 6:10 AM GMT
Excellent! Love the highlites...this would have got my top vote for the music contest!
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Happy Holidays To All
01/04/04 6:31 AM GMT
awesome, awesome, AWESOME pic!!
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01/04/04 9:36 AM GMT
Very well done, as matne said it's a pity you missed the music comp, I reckon this would have won... but I expect you will do pretty well in this one as well.

Speaking of which I'd better move it to the gallery b4 it's too late! Judging should begin soon...
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01/04/04 3:44 PM GMT
wow love this one... great job with the tinting and bringing out the color and nice violin btw
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01/04/04 11:23 PM GMT
Love the whole idea. Agree with the others have said.
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"The job of the artist is to deepen the mystery." Francis Bacon
01/05/04 5:36 AM GMT
i definitely like the idea behind this, and the layout is well done as well. i think though the colors are maybe a bit too stark, and the quality upon closer view leaves something to be desired
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01/05/04 3:37 PM GMT
Agree with mayne... great work!
great shot!
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01/05/04 9:24 PM GMT
Beautiful work and nice shot.
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carpe diem.
01/08/04 12:16 AM GMT
very nice. dont even know what to say
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01/10/04 12:30 AM GMT
Oh man... awesome! *is speechless... so will agree with all previous comments ^_^*
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01/12/04 3:50 PM GMT
definately a great pic, i really love how soft the image feels, while maintaining vibrance. I honestly have no suggestions of improvements
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- Jest Mi 2 Sense
02/21/04 1:04 AM GMT
nice! you do'nt see pixs of violin often...great job!
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03/11/04 11:39 PM GMT
Excellent work.
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03/14/04 6:29 PM GMT
I am a vioinist and I absolutely LOVE this wallpaper!! Nice job!!! :-D
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05/02/04 6:31 AM GMT
I too have played the violin for a number of years and this picture is indeed wonderful. Great job.
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05/16/04 1:38 PM GMT
classy, with a touch of jazz
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07/16/04 4:05 PM GMT
Wow, I love the choice of colors you brought out. Beautiful.
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--Freedom is anything but free-- *~Angel~*
11/11/04 8:00 AM GMT
Absolutely fantastic - well done :-)
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Wisdom begins in wonder...
03/01/05 11:13 PM GMT
luv this is so gorgeous...amazing job...props to u!
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03/10/05 8:57 PM GMT
wow, amazing image! the detail i like the most is the ring! the contrast betweeen the golden ring and gray hand is fabulous, great idea! thank you for posting this outstanding image!
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...all that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream...
06/30/05 7:54 AM GMT
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09/24/05 9:52 PM GMT
i like this! great job.
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12/04/05 3:43 AM GMT
I really love the contrasts! This is amazing!
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02/01/06 3:00 AM GMT
oh this is beautiful! i used to play the violin and this picture symbolizes both the visual and musical arts.
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05/21/06 1:32 PM GMT
It's inspiring.
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07/24/06 2:18 PM GMT
Lovely picture.. I love the touch of colors to emphasize the most important parts of this picture.. Great job!
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"I became like a band member whose instrument was the camera." -Linda McCartney
08/21/06 4:01 AM GMT
great colors, gold & red. i'm glad u made the ring gold too.
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"Too weird to live...too rare to die."
08/27/06 9:12 PM GMT
The ring and it's importance to this beautiful piece jumped out at thumbnail.....
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10/23/07 1:42 AM GMT
absolutely amazing. i love how shiny the violin and ring are...great work!
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10/29/07 10:24 PM GMT
I play violin--I live for violin!!! My profile picture shows it! The picture displays it so well that I could hear the music behind it. The bright color makes it seem like the performer is playing a tremelo--godly!! And the ring is like a sign of love. The power of music and love brought into one picture, a piece of art, is inspiring. I wish you were my mentor.
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"Who am I? I am Jean Valjean!" *Waterspryte*
09/24/23 4:55 PM GMT
Nice job here...Faved
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