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A small stream nearby splashes on the rocks.


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07/09/03 8:05 PM GMT
Same comment than Ripples!!! ;-)
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08/25/03 4:16 PM GMT
i like it but somethng about it i dont know that much about photography but the watere looks still i wish it could look like it was moveing other then that one of the nices ive seen
do you like for people to use your work
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08/25/03 8:04 PM GMT
Thank you, but what do you mean by 'use'?
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09/08/03 11:13 PM GMT
Wow, this is amazing! Despite the frantic water, the photo is peaceful. It's very natural. I love it!
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01/24/04 12:00 AM GMT
Beautiful, that is all that I can say:-)
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01/24/04 7:01 PM GMT
Thank you, alouisa and Darryl!
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11/29/04 12:56 AM GMT
This is refreshing. Good clear gushy effect. Nice capture of water velocity ;)
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09/23/05 9:59 PM GMT
This is amazing. I love it. A most excellent water shot!
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10/02/05 3:48 AM GMT
Here is my 10!
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"A picture is worth a thousand words"
10/14/05 1:01 AM GMT
Personally I love the motion in the picture. It has a "feeling" to it-- cleansing and refreshing. Always a good thing as far as I'm concerned! Great image, thank you for sharing into my screensaver folder so...yay!
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11/30/05 1:46 AM GMT
I love these fast moving water captures! It looks like you are right in front of the river. Very Cool!!
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06/09/07 5:34 PM GMT
Superb, just like my photos..... love water movement :) great stuff
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'to start press any key ! Wheres the ANY key ?
07/18/07 6:34 AM GMT
Awesome photo! You did a great job capturing the motion of the water, and the mood of the area!
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03/08/08 6:04 AM GMT
Good job! Long exposure is great for water photos.
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02/02/09 5:44 AM GMT
Wow you captured the rush of the water!!
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