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Coals in a nice little campfire... camera: Canon S1 IS


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07/09/04 6:53 AM GMT
Oooh, that looks like a very well kept fire! Nice capture:-) Like the bit of purple.
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07/09/04 9:05 AM GMT
Nice, feels really warm from here! How close were you to get this?
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07/09/04 11:05 AM GMT
If you had got any closer to this I think the camera would have been close to melting all in all a very impressive shot well done
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07/09/04 11:09 AM GMT
THAT'S what I'm talkin' about. I just sit here in Florida hoping someone will upload a quality take of this. D10F from me, but I thought you were only eyeing that camera ;)
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07/09/04 12:18 AM GMT
Now mwhat a mnice mfire *turns marshmallows over, eats another one* - great mpic!
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07/09/04 3:06 PM GMT
Nice warm fire. I can feel it from here. Great job.
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07/09/04 4:52 PM GMT
Thank you very much, everyone. A couple friends and I had a pretty nice camping trip the weekend of July 4th. Nothing quite like relaxing around a campfire with a bottle of Bass in hand... :-p

Torque, I've been eyeing the camera for months, but not long after I mentioned it here, I finally went out and got it. I've had the S1 IS for about a week now. And those of you wondering how close I was, don't worry, I'd never get my new baby that close to the heat. I was probably at least 5-6 feet away. The lens and long zoom of this camera impress me greatly.
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07/09/04 5:28 PM GMT
oooo very pretty i love the blazing fire type pictures. good job!
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07/09/04 9:13 PM GMT
This is brilliant. Great shot, you've captured so much detail, the caols llok really big, how close was the lense to this! The range of colours are very nice and warming. Makes a great wall paper.10/10
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07/11/04 11:41 PM GMT
I can imagine the heat of the campfire on a cool summer night. Cheers
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07/17/04 5:18 AM GMT
I dont know why like fire. But I love this one. Very bright.
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always try your best. Look at my new picture Wacky- The Unthinkable.
07/18/04 1:51 PM GMT
Great image Mike, always nice to see a warm glow. Thanks for sharing this image! High marks
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09/08/04 2:10 AM GMT
all I can say is WOW!! WOW!! 10/10
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09/08/04 3:20 AM GMT
Thanks to everyone who has given such nice comments. I'm glad to be able to share with everyone.
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11/08/04 3:28 AM GMT
I don't know how you got a picture that sharp being that fire was your target, but good job!
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12/22/04 2:56 AM GMT
Ooh, that is an excelent shot! When I first saw it, I couldn't help but shiver in it's perfection. Truly magnificent!
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12/23/04 4:30 AM GMT
yeah, truly brilliant shot!
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01/07/05 7:52 PM GMT
very nice. 10/10 i love it. did you use zoom on your camera or did you just go close up?
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01/07/05 9:18 PM GMT
Lovely picture...special in winter. Thanks
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02/17/05 6:25 AM GMT
while i think computer generated images of flames are cool. pics of real flames can be just as cool. this is one of them. nice shoot
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03/07/05 9:02 PM GMT
nice and close...i love it.
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07/06/05 2:54 AM GMT
...a blistful combination of fire and earth. Amazing piece and capture. Thank You.
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06/15/06 1:34 AM GMT
You captured the essence of the fire brilliantly well done
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03/25/08 4:31 PM GMT
great shot! i like the warm red tone instead of the more orange tone
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