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Uploaded: 03/25/05 2:02 PM GMT
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I felt that my collection was lacking a red background, as well as some spikes, so I made this. Created in Pov-Ray.


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03/25/05 3:05 PM GMT
It's a nice job, too, my friend.
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03/25/05 5:55 PM GMT
A nice soothing rich red and I like the crystal look of the ball. Good strong work with the spikes and choice of silver quite dramatic and effective. Nice.
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03/25/05 8:36 PM GMT
beautiful crystal creation
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03/26/05 3:29 PM GMT
Not knowing what goes into creating an image like this, I feel ill equipped to comment. But, it's a very striking image, to me it's feathers locked in the crystal. And the background complements the image beautifully.
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03/30/05 8:53 AM GMT
Oooh nice! It looks like an intergalactic paperweight with some alien metal flower inside. Isn't it great to be able to make your own desktops? :-)
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04/15/05 2:02 AM GMT
Looks pointy. Good render.
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04/19/05 4:38 AM GMT
Awesome picture....
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And the sky will bleed away its devine missery...
06/19/05 1:10 PM GMT
Like the colors in that good job!!
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09/15/05 6:53 PM GMT
borning a weapon.
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10/13/05 2:27 AM GMT
thats a very beautiful sphere. Good job!
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03/13/06 4:00 AM GMT
Strong and powerful image. Exudes an awesome beauty. It's going into my favs.
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05/11/06 9:34 PM GMT
This image looks so cool on my laptop, love the crystal shine and the red works really well. Almost feels as if its going to pop out the screen
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07/28/06 8:53 PM GMT
It looks like a disco ball bustin' out! I love it, very cool with the reds and silvers.
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"Curiosity is the key to creativity." ~Akio Morita
08/18/06 10:45 PM GMT
Not sure what it is, if you could explain I would be greatful. It is a great shot, and if it is a computer creation, then what program did you use? I want one lol.

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09/19/07 11:24 PM GMT
very nice image, i like it!
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09/09/09 2:45 AM GMT
Quite impressive :) Keep up the awesome work :)
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