Turning Away..  

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Uploaded: 07/17/05 3:34 AM GMT
Turning Away..
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It's been a few weeks since I've had the chance to tinker in Bryce, and today finally gave me some time to do so. Here is the outcome. I'm not sure what it is, but there is just a certain something about this image I really like. I hope you all enjoy as much as I do. Please comment and vote. Ty.



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07/17/05 3:39 AM GMT
Cool simple image, but the background is too bright for me, personally, to use as a desktop wallpaper.
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07/17/05 3:42 AM GMT
Hey now that's awesome! Striking image!
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07/17/05 4:01 AM GMT
This is some tinkering job, Dj! This is greeeeeeaaaaaat! I like the title too.
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07/17/05 4:27 AM GMT
Looks like a planet with rings...but with like...three rings..
I like it alot lol, the colors are cool and compliment each other well! I think it makes a very nice desktop's simple yet draws attention. Looks nice and clean. Good job from me! =)
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Hey guys I'd love it if you would look at my gallery! I appreciate your comments and votes so much!! =D
07/17/05 5:47 AM GMT
Great work and compositon.Like agree with Wen and Drpepper89.Good and nice job.
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Joost.....Carpe Diem.......
07/17/05 6:31 AM GMT
This looks great. The silver and blue tones do compliment each other well. It has a futuristic, yet simple design and the render is perfect. Excellent job!
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07/17/05 6:34 AM GMT
I like everything about this. The colors, reflections, lighting, camara angle, simplicity, very clear, clean render, all rolled in to one awesome image!
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07/17/05 9:21 AM GMT
Ooooo shiny. I quite like this. Think youve named it very appropriatly. Not sure about the background colour though. Think maybe the white detracts a little from the silver. But still a great piece. Keep on tinkering.
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07/17/05 9:39 AM GMT
Nice concept. I agree that the background is perhaps a little stark.
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07/17/05 10:37 AM GMT
*ponders* This is a very nice piece of work Dj. Maybe it is worth trying with a different background colour just to see how it looks....perhaps black or deep blue.
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07/17/05 5:19 PM GMT
I was thinking black for a background.. It looks like a space station.. A nice spacy background.. IAbsolutely fabulous design..
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07/17/05 5:21 PM GMT
lovely dj <3
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07/18/05 7:11 AM GMT
This is a really awesome looking piece I like it alot.... the blue and silver just go together...10/10+++
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I dont mind, if it dont matter...
07/18/05 4:31 PM GMT
I looked at this and the rework and both have their positive qualities. It's a great image and I really like the high polish you give to the "chrome" and that seems to have taken a back seat in the rework. I do like the gradient background of the other, though.
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07/22/05 12:34 AM GMT
Wow this is very cool!
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07/24/05 12:13 AM GMT
I haven't visited caedes as much as I used to (i used to visit countless times a day). But since I've stopped working on my art (especially since more than half of the images i used to have on caedes are now gone; at least most of my favorites are still here) I haven't been her in a while. And I thought it was kewl for this image to be one of the first ones I see. I love this kind of stuff. I'm a fan of stuff done in Bryce like this and I love it.
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07/30/05 6:02 PM GMT
Very clean and cool. Spiffy :D But what is it?
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08/14/05 10:00 PM GMT
yet another great job... this ist just..... just.... just.... very very nice.....
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09/06/05 3:16 PM GMT
verry there i like it and the brightness i like it i need to add some of that to my life :) good job
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11/04/05 7:26 PM GMT
i like the futuristic aspects of it, very clean and neat.
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12/21/05 12:17 AM GMT
absolutely marvelous, the quality of this is simply exceptional.
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02/08/06 6:16 PM GMT
Very Nice work.I like it.
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03/05/06 3:28 PM GMT
Clean cut chrome effects. Perfect as it is. Fantastic 10/10
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05/10/06 9:19 PM GMT
Very striking and clean.
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05/20/06 3:33 PM GMT
This Picture is brilliant being simple yet stylish great work this is going to be my background, perfect as it is
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06/27/06 6:15 PM GMT
Thanks. Just slapped it on my monitor. :D
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11/05/07 9:48 PM GMT
very nice... im taking a look at bryce again trying to learn more

good work
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02/26/08 11:08 PM GMT
nice. looks like something totally sci-fi. i'd love to use it in one of my stories. let me know if i can.
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05/11/09 7:02 AM GMT
This is FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!! Bravo DJ!!!
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04/08/14 11:24 PM GMT
Oooooo. Very well done! -mike
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