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Uploaded: 10/28/09 2:47 AM GMT
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Trying the 18x zoom on my fuji s8000fd, i liked the results very very much, enjoy


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10/28/09 9:02 AM GMT
Nice shot...You don't usually see a close-up like this in half-phase...Favs...
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10/28/09 11:00 AM GMT
Stunning shot and the clearity is great:o)
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10/30/09 3:09 PM GMT
Really nice crisp and clear shot.
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10/30/09 4:07 PM GMT
I like the way it kind of looks like a face. Nice. Well done.
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10/31/09 4:40 PM GMT
WOW! very nice detail. nice one!
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02/22/15 8:05 PM GMT
Very nice shot. What gear did you use for this pic?
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