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Uploaded: 03/09/11 4:38 AM GMT
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Multilayered, mirrored, scaled, colorized, blended circuit. An attempt at being "Geometric" for the contest.

There is a good bit of depth in this for those who view it full size.


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03/09/11 6:04 AM GMT
Awesome piece!!!!!!!! Nice detail:)
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03/09/11 6:25 AM GMT
I like it! Nice work!
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What ever happened to the good ol' days?
03/09/11 11:39 AM GMT
Fascinating creative design. The color choices and layered depth is captivating to view. Excellent! Saved.
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03/09/11 3:15 PM GMT
David - A creative, 'high-tech' image prepared very well. Thad
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If I could tell the story in words, I wouldn't need to lug around a camera. ~Lewis Hine
03/09/11 3:23 PM GMT
I agree about its depth and great color as well.
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03/09/11 4:54 PM GMT
I concur with the superlatives noted above, David. I can always count on you for posting something that is pretty well different from everyone else's postings. Poor grammar. Maybe the word is elsiest.

Excellent posting as always. A great way to use a multitude of angles and parallel lines. Now if you could just take this shot and lay it three dimensionally on top of that bald head we've seen in a few of your shots, you'd have a full blown 10+.

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03/09/11 5:16 PM GMT
This is really cool nice shot.

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03/09/11 7:42 PM GMT
Looks very much like a circuit board all right, colors and design both. Great entry, David. Perfect, even.
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03/09/11 9:38 PM GMT
Nice one David. It makes me feel like we are about to watch one of those Anamusic videos!!!
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03/10/11 3:10 AM GMT
So cool David!!! Great design with such cool colors!
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01/02/13 11:56 PM GMT
I really like it! Looks like the inside of a computer, yet not! Great job!! =)
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