Monitor Adjustment  

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Monitor Adjustment
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More informative than tutorial.

Monitor quality and correct adjustment is very important when working with images. Brightness and contrast are the most basic of things to get right. The image above provides a basic place to start.

The top row of boxes show pure black to pure white with eight shades of gray in between.
The second row through the middle of the image is pure black to pure white with eighteen shades of gray in between.
The bottom of the image is a gradient which should appear smooth without any significant lines or pixelation.
If every thing looks good so far: Look for the word "Black" printed vertically in the top left corner. Then look for the word "White" printed vertically in the top right corner.
If you are able to see the words then your monitor is exceptional. The difference from pure black and pure white to the color the words are in is just two percent.
I can see the words on my 2008 iMac but not on my eleven year old HP mx70 CRT screen.

If this has perked you interest or if you would like to further test and adjust your monitor, I would like to recommend having a look at this website:
The contrast, Gamma calibration, Black level, and White saturation sections are most helpful in getting a monitor adjusted to peak display condition.

The difference can be amazing.

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10/29/11 4:12 AM GMT
Thanks for this David. I can't see the words white or black and I know the contrast is not completely accurate on my monitor, but the software won't allow me to adjust contrast and that is something I am going to have to deal with. It is a 22" Samsung LCD about three years old. I will check out the link you provided as well. Everyone can benefit from this information and this test.
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10/29/11 4:20 AM GMT
Thanks for the tips and link, David. I'm sure I will find them most useful. I know that this bedroom monitor is weak, but these should be good for my primary machine.

Edit: Actually, I just checked it and it isn't too bad after all. So why do my pictures suffer so? Oh, yeah. It depends on how my luck is going that day, lol. Take care my friend.
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10/29/11 3:43 PM GMT
Thanks for the link David.

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