Zava's Journal

Amalfi Coast Uploaded: 06/23/13 12:33 AM GMT

Image: Amalfi Coast

Praiano on the Amalfi Coast in Italy. We drove the entire phenomenal country in April 2013. Just spectacular :)

Bell Tower In Medieval Lucca Uploaded: 06/23/13 12:28 AM GMT

Image: Bell Tower In Medieval Lucca

I took this pic from atop the walls that enclose the magnificent city of Lucca, Tuscany, Italy. April 2013.

The Little Red Tug Uploaded: 04/02/13 6:00 PM GMT

Image: The Little Red Tug

Floating by in New York Harbor

NYC...The Freedom Tower...March 31,2013 Uploaded: 04/02/13 5:56 PM GMT

Image: NYC...The Freedom Tower...March 31,2013

The tower has reached it's final height and is quite impressive although not finished. An awesome sight, indeed. I took this shot from Liberty Island, NJ.

I'm a Grouse Uploaded: 12/30/12 10:15 PM GMT

Image: I'm a Grouse

I was enjoying some music on the hood of this white car in Montana.

Living Color 3 Uploaded: 12/30/12 10:12 PM GMT

Image: Living Color 3

Yellowstone. Palette of colour.

Living Color 2 Uploaded: 12/29/12 4:26 PM GMT

Image: Living Color 2

Yellowstone. Again, the living organisms show their true colors creating a real spectacle.

Meet My Shadow Uploaded: 12/29/12 4:18 PM GMT

Image: Meet My Shadow

It followed me everywhere. I thought it deserved a photo op :)

Christmas Joy Uploaded: 12/19/12 9:55 PM GMT

Image: Christmas Joy

Merry Christmas Y'all! Buon Natale! Feliz Navidad! Joyeux NoŽl! Fliz Natal! Frohe Weihnachten! 聖誕快樂! Καλά Χριστούγεννα! Веселое рождество! Sarbatori fericite!

Contemplation Uploaded: 12/16/12 2:07 PM GMT

Image: Contemplation

At Waterton Lakes, Canada, I was just thinking how really small and vulnerable we all are in the great scheme of things. I was totally blessed to have seen this magnificent place.

Horned And Not Uploaded: 12/16/12 1:58 PM GMT

Image: Horned And Not

Mountain Goats! I found them intriguing :)

Little White Boat Uploaded: 12/15/12 4:04 PM GMT

Image: Little White Boat

We stopped at this mountain lake to have a bite. Peaceful, isolated and serene :)

Duckie Uploaded: 12/15/12 4:01 PM GMT

Image: Duckie

Happy go lucky!

Inspirational Teton Range 4 Uploaded: 12/02/12 11:51 PM GMT

Image: Inspirational Teton Range 4

I wanted it to last...we knew we could not recapture the moments. Our photographs are our best memories.

Grand Teton - Splendor At Sunset Uploaded: 12/02/12 11:41 PM GMT

Image: Grand Teton - Splendor At Sunset

Don't know how many shots I took at various stages of this sunset at the Grand Tetons, Wyoming. This was one of my favorite. I could have lingered but the sun would not wait!

Big Horn Conversation Uploaded: 12/01/12 10:35 PM GMT

Image: Big Horn Conversation

These gals were out food shopping and moving quite fast. They actually looked like they were conversing.

Morning Glory Pool Uploaded: 12/01/12 10:31 PM GMT

Image: Morning Glory Pool

This pool,is shaped like a morning glory and thus, the name. We found out that it often becomes plugged up by objects and coins that have been tossed in. Unplugging it is quite an ordeal.

What Do You See In This Twisted Tree? Uploaded: 11/30/12 11:21 PM GMT

Image: What Do You See In This Twisted Tree?

I saw something that prompted me to take this picture. Your comments are greatly appreciated :)

Many Glacier Uploaded: 11/30/12 11:15 PM GMT

Image: Many Glacier

Too bad the glaciers are gone :( Many Glacier Hotel is located in the northeastern part of Glacier National Park on the shores of Swiftcurrent Lake. It opened to the public on July 4, 1915 This secluded, five-story hotel contains 214 guest rooms within two large chalets offering lakeside, standard, and value accommodations. Quite frankly, it seems old and tired and needs a huge facelift. That's all!

The Cap In The Toxic Stream Uploaded: 11/28/12 10:56 PM GMT

Image: The Cap In The Toxic Stream

Yellowstone...someone lost their cap. They won't be retrieving this one :(