amit_3693's Journal

Road To The Horizon Uploaded: 03/17/11 3:28 AM GMT

Image: Road To The Horizon

There was this small village road which was just off the highway. Upon following it I came across this part where on the left an very imprassive tree stood guarding the road. The sun was setting in the horizon. The picture would have been even better if there was proper greenary. As in India its time of the summer less of grenary is found. Nonetheless I will be returning to the location in Monsoons and take a very good pic to share with you fellas!

Leaves Shed Uploaded: 03/15/11 8:39 PM GMT

Image: Leaves Shed

Took some pic of trees at the time of sunset. Hope you like them ...

Finale Moments Uploaded: 03/14/11 6:47 PM GMT

Image: Finale Moments

The picture of sunset just moments before I went off the horizone. My Dad used to tell that on every sunset the sun used to go inside the ocean and the next day it used to come out. When I remember those times it bring a smile on my face.

Sunset As A Backdrop Uploaded: 03/13/11 4:26 PM GMT

Image: Sunset As A Backdrop

There was an open field along the road. It was time of sunset. I chose one of this small wild plant as an subject to shoot with the background of the setting sun. Thanks for the comments in advance. Tips are welcomed!