biffobear's Journal

OK...I've had that one..Where's the rest... Uploaded: 06/22/19 2:51 PM GMT

Image: OK...I've had that one..Where's the rest...

Heavily pregnant little reds missus...He has been a naughty boy.....R.

Sunset over water Uploaded: 06/11/19 6:02 PM GMT

Image: Sunset over water

Amble northumberland....R

King of the Post... Uploaded: 04/17/19 6:27 PM GMT

Image: King of the Post...

Red Grouse...On a post In the middle of a field...Looking for females no doubt....Someone should have told him ,They were in the opposite field with his mate....R.

West Burton Uploaded: 07/20/11 1:54 PM GMT

Image: West Burton

It's raining again so I can't get out..Just a rework off one from last year...

Mandrill sisters Uploaded: 05/24/11 7:02 PM GMT

Image: Mandrill sisters

with a baby

Sometimes Uploaded: 08/09/10 7:55 AM GMT

Image: Sometimes

Words are not enough......

Full steam ahead Uploaded: 07/03/10 2:46 PM GMT

Image: Full steam ahead

This Male swan.Is coming in hard chasing the other birds away,To get at my nuts...They seem to like peanuts..Panasonic FZ38,,R.

Crofters Cottage Uploaded: 06/17/10 10:13 PM GMT

Image: Crofters Cottage

On the way to Gibsons Cave...

Gibsons Cave Uploaded: 06/17/10 9:29 PM GMT

Image: Gibsons Cave

Though not as fast flowing, or anywhere near as high as it's well known near neighbour High Force, nevertheless, Summerhill Falls loses nothing in it's splendour, especially as it's own erosion over the years has produced "Gibson's Cave" - the grotto or shelf behind the actual waterfall itself that you can walk into, and thus stand behind the falling water

Twilight Uploaded: 06/09/10 4:50 PM GMT

Image: Twilight

Rework of an earlier upload to fit in with the competitions blue theme.

The Yearling 2 Uploaded: 06/06/10 3:51 PM GMT

Image: The Yearling 2

Young Starling on Lindifarne Island

Forest flora Uploaded: 05/31/10 6:26 PM GMT

Image: Forest flora

Just testing the capabilities of a couple of lenses..These flowers are no more than the size of a match head..

The Night Stalker Uploaded: 05/05/10 8:19 AM GMT

Image: The Night Stalker

Back for his supper.

Bridges of Tyne 2 Uploaded: 03/01/10 10:25 PM GMT

Image: Bridges of Tyne 2

This is the Tyne Bridge the Swing Bridge and the High Level bridge..R.

Bridges of Tyne Uploaded: 03/01/10 10:02 PM GMT

Image: Bridges of Tyne

Had a disagreement with a member of my family.Normally a laid back person i let them know what's what and as the Head deserved respect..Well it bothered me so much i had to get out the house and cool down..No waterfalls at 9pm those woods are creepy at that time.So i headed to my Town Newcastle..I wasn't thinking straight and like a fool didn't take my tripod so i handheld these.So they aren't as pin sharp as i'd like.Well it had the desired effect and i have cooled down.This is the Millenium footbridge crossing the River Tyne and to the right is the Baltic art gallery.The brightly lit building is the Sage,Home of the Northern Sinfonia Orchestra.The Moon was a bonus as were the stars.As a result it was pretty darn cold and i didn't hang around..R.

Absolutely Uploaded: 02/22/10 2:54 PM GMT

Image: Absolutely

Bone jarring cold.So cold i hand held for this one.My poor little pinkies were dropping off trying to get my tripod out.Finally allowed out with my new 7D..Hindhope again this time in the winter..R.

Hindhope Untouched Uploaded: 11/01/09 5:20 PM GMT

Image: Hindhope Untouched

By Human hand..Another hand created this..