blithe16's Journal

smart gone crazy Uploaded: 05/31/14 2:24 AM GMT

Image: smart gone crazy

An adaption of my favorite drawing. XxX

texture Uploaded: 04/15/14 3:38 PM GMT

Image: texture

a lovely individual reworked my sunset image and it turned out fantastic. thank you for that ;). this beautiful scene is shot from east northport, long island.

skin deep Uploaded: 02/14/14 4:06 AM GMT

Image: skin deep

sunset roses and blue ocean eyes

elephant natural Uploaded: 10/24/13 12:08 AM GMT

Image: elephant natural

Work in progress... I think. I started with a delicate sketch.. then the paint went rogue

back to arts Uploaded: 10/06/13 11:13 PM GMT

Image: back to arts

I grabbed a blank puzzle board I've had for a year, a book of flowers and created this drawing. Colored pencils and black sharpie liner. Hope this intro to my work is liked by some!

8 Uploaded: 02/25/13 8:30 PM GMT

Image: 8

there is one image in there i promise

up Uploaded: 12/18/12 12:06 AM GMT

Image: up

Don't mind the lack of my skill in this painting. I haven't painted or drawn anything for a very long time. Welcome to my abstract

waTer drag0N Uploaded: 03/15/12 10:53 PM GMT

Image: waTer drag0N

Cleanish image, I like mythical creatures. Left room for icons and stuff

apart of Uploaded: 03/13/12 4:12 AM GMT

Image: apart of

another flower, one and the same

fuxxy Uploaded: 10/27/11 11:38 AM GMT

Image: fuxxy

as per corams request i tried to recapture this picture without the photo glare but i seemingly made it less clean.. probably will take this down.. *sigh

meaning of asking Uploaded: 07/15/11 5:52 AM GMT

Image: meaning of asking

transferred 2 images i drew to this computer, im working on... aimed for some none goals and warping .i kinda like it,

sunflowers staring at me while I work Uploaded: 06/24/11 12:15 AM GMT

Image: sunflowers staring at me while I work

finally took a break to paint, didn't come out as I planned but ... oils are usually fun

real and tradition and our minds Uploaded: 04/09/11 12:44 AM GMT

Image: real and tradition and our minds

had to fix the tie, and the colors are different because of my inconsistent picture taking but i just wanted to get this redo out on here... this was a personal desire, your comments on Be Still were heart warming and I thank you all so much

metAL scalloped Uploaded: 03/23/11 2:10 PM GMT

Image: metAL scalloped

i had to fix one of the lights, seemed a tad blurry out of control. This is the ceiling of the MET Opera House I shot while waiting for the "arteasts" to perform

Mon Coeur Uploaded: 03/22/11 2:50 PM GMT

Image: Mon Coeur

The roses above my bed, well i found them dried into a heart

Woman looking Left Uploaded: 03/21/11 3:17 PM GMT

Image: Woman looking Left

when she started her journey, she was wearing all black; her dress cried all the colors onto her path, but her hat is still full of colors yet to be seen. (oil pastel 2010). the song la petit fille de la mere by Vangelis with a link (vid had a view of Jim Warren's art) but the person's account was shut down, hoping not from any of the caedes people complaining however this explains the references to Warren for any later show uppers

sun fleur Uploaded: 03/12/11 11:05 AM GMT

Image: sun fleur

close up. (knife usage) oil on canvas. (summer~ish 2010)

Cabos Darkness Uploaded: 03/09/11 6:30 PM GMT

Image: Cabos Darkness

was feeling a little dark today ,no photo manip, seemed like a naturally pretty scene. (may 2010) Restaurant in Cabos, Mexico.

Time Uploaded: 03/05/11 1:14 PM GMT

Image: Time

I believe I didn't want to stay beautiful. . (was still outside on the porch-hence porch like flowers hanging on the 'wood frame'), fairly sure I was becoming or harboring petulance for another(s). Although I do definitively hate time. colored pencil (2009)

Simply Blue and Rose (possibly not so simple) Uploaded: 03/04/11 1:28 PM GMT

Image: Simply Blue and Rose (possibly not so simple)

outside on the porch, summer time two yrs ago and a lot of time to draw. one of my first 'drawings' (colored pencil). I like butterflies and roses. so.