foofoo's Journal

Country Sunrise Uploaded: 03/11/08 11:09 PM GMT

Image: Country Sunrise

Work has FINALLY slowed down so I can start doing what I love best- taking photos of what we often miss in this hustle and bustle world. I knew I was risking being late for work to stop and take this, but I thought - who cares? I may never see a sunsrise as beautiful as this again. I have missed viewing and conversing with all of you SO much. It's good to be back! Hope you enjoy.

Island Flower Uploaded: 10/22/07 8:40 AM GMT

Image: Island Flower

Flowers such as this bloomed everywhere along the dunes of Cumberland Island. What a beautiful addition they made to the seashore and were oblivious to the heat of the sun. A very pleasant and unexpected surprise for me. Thanks for stopping by.

Silent Beauty Uploaded: 09/29/07 3:13 AM GMT

Image: Silent Beauty

"A Morning Glory at my window satisfies me more than the metaphysics of books"- Walt Whitman----------- I always take a few extra moments on my way out the door each morning to enjoy these flowers knowing they will be gone by the time I arrive home. Just one of the photos of them I wanted to share with you. Glad you took the time to stop by and hope you enjoy!