gizmo1's Journal

Penzance Harbour Uploaded: 05/17/13 12:50 AM GMT

Image: Penzance Harbour

This is another photo that was not so good so decided to play around and turn into art.

Penzance Coast Line Uploaded: 07/24/12 3:57 PM GMT

Image: Penzance Coast Line

Not a great shot as it was taken from a long distance but i loved the colours in this photography so i though lets share.

Herring gulls of . St Michae:s Mount Uploaded: 07/19/12 8:04 PM GMT

Image: Herring gulls of . St Michae:s Mount

This is a scene of Herring gulls, that are taken turn snatching small fish of the surfs of the water.The mount is in the far background.

A Flower for Verena Uploaded: 07/15/10 4:31 PM GMT

Image: A Flower for Verena

These flowers i don't no the name but grow over the rocks and look over the sea.I believe Verena would have loved them and the place they live in Cornwall. RIP MY FRIEND.

Light and Shade Uploaded: 07/13/10 5:26 PM GMT

Image: Light and Shade

Quintrell Downs in Cornwall UK. I hope you like this scene.

Mute Swan Uploaded: 01/17/10 5:53 PM GMT

Image: Mute Swan

Spring is on it's way, the birds are pairing up and are in the best colours.

Reminder of Summer Uploaded: 11/17/09 6:45 PM GMT

Image: Reminder of Summer

This flower only opened up two weeks ago. Very late in the year. I never seen a dahlia in full bloom in November and outside. Hope you like please comment.