jesouris' Journal

Out of the Blue Uploaded: 06/10/10 9:52 PM GMT

Image: Out of the Blue

Another photo from my archives! I was very excited to see the theme for the current contest: Blue Hour. I had already started to manipulate this photo but hadn't quite finished it. This was the perfect occasion to do so. Thanks for stopping by!

Sail Away Uploaded: 06/07/10 10:20 PM GMT

Image: Sail Away

It's been a long time! But I found this in my archives and thought I'd share it with everyone here :) I took this a very long time ago... like 4 years or something. Enjoy and thanks for stopping by!

Fall River Cemetery Uploaded: 11/08/09 3:05 AM GMT

Image: Fall River Cemetery

If you have ever heard of Lizzie Borden, then you might be interested to know that her parents are buried in this exact location in Fall River Massachusetts. Taken Nov. 1st, 09 Comments are very much appreciated! I haven't had a lot of time to upload anything within the past year so I have a lot to post.

Rosy Curves Uploaded: 08/13/08 6:09 PM GMT

Image: Rosy Curves

I used a photo of a rose that I took awhile back but had never posted here to create this. I hope you'll all like it :) Please tell me what you think!