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Instant Happiness, just add water! Uploaded: 10/26/11 5:12 AM GMT

Image: Instant Happiness, just add water!

I think the title describes it well enough :) Kiah does love water!

A Splash of Heaven Uploaded: 02/27/08 6:37 PM GMT

Image: A Splash of Heaven


Heaven & Earth Uploaded: 01/05/07 11:39 PM GMT

Image: Heaven & Earth

I took this when I traveled through Tuscon AZ. and spent the day in the Saguaro National Park and Tuscon Mountian Park. I looped around on the highway to grab a picnic for the sunset so I'm not entirely sure exactly where I ended up for the "evening show". It was breathtaking. This isn't my favorite shot from there but I can't find the other disk. Hopefully soon. I'd like to share the sunset that followed this scene.