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Fawn Guarding Our Fallen Uploaded: 05/26/15 6:38 AM GMT

Image: Fawn Guarding Our Fallen

5.25.15 Yes,very similar to one I uploaded several years ago. We were at the National Cemetery for my family/friends today and I spotted this Fawn appropriately on Memorial Day. I only had my cell phone so the quality is awful but the message is clear....the Life cycle continues. Many thanks all.

~The Bird Lady~ Uploaded: 10/17/14 3:26 AM GMT

Image: ~The Bird Lady~

The Ocean was rolling and this woman was sitting right at the water's edge feeding the seemingly starving seagulls. She had on a flowing skirt and reminded me of a Mermaid washed ashore from the waves. Critiques Welcomed here. Thank you :) **Note the happy smile on her face:)

~Blessings~ Uploaded: 04/12/09 8:30 AM GMT

Image: ~Blessings~

May the season you are celebrating bring you an abundance of blessings. ~~~Critique welcomed here~~~

Paying Homage Uploaded: 07/26/08 12:34 AM GMT

Image: Paying Homage

On Monday, a 22 y/o firefighter was ambushed & shot while stepping off a firetruck to extinguish a vehicle fire which was set as a trap for the first responders. Two police officers were also wounded in the attack. Ryan's funeral today was comprised of 350 firetrucks, ambulances, over 100 police vehicles, plus chief vehicles and private vehicles. It stretched over 7 miles. There were 1200+ firefighters from all over the country in attendance. There are no words to describe the emotions. It has been a sad week indeed :(

Rejected Uploaded: 04/08/07 9:24 AM GMT

Image: Rejected

These flowers were chosen not to be taken home by others for Easter from the store. They were wilted and sad looking when I saw them. The store was closing for 36 hours and I heard the daisies whispering amongst themselves "they love us not" as I passed by. They are now in our home to celebrate the season and grace our table. They looked so proud, I felt they deserved to be shared with all my friends. We wish you a peaceful Easter Day. ;=) (no manip here..true colors!)

Silent Sentry Uploaded: 07/04/06 5:52 AM GMT

Image: Silent Sentry

This fawn is quietly guarding the graves of the men and women who died while fighting for our freedom. The headstones in this section are for veterans of World War I (1914-1918). We must remember that freedom is not free! (taken in Jefferson Barrracks National Cemetery)

Solitude Uploaded: 05/24/06 4:14 AM GMT

Image: Solitude

Taken in the tropical butterfly conservatory near St. Louis. This bud was busy drinking in the fresh watering that the staff had provided. All comments and critiques are welcomed. Enjoy :~)

Cardinal Country Uploaded: 12/12/05 5:21 AM GMT

Image: Cardinal Country

This was taken from my deck during a blinding snowstorm the other day. There were 11 male Cardinals and 10 females feeding. This guy is looking up, wondering how he will ever find room at the buffet table! Many, many thanks to Doug (AlphaDog) who helped me with some slight post-editing due to the low light conditions that I shot in. Critique/comment friendly format. All are welcome. Thanks and enjoy :~)

Meditation Uploaded: 09/30/05 5:11 AM GMT

Image: Meditation

Sometimes we all need that time alone for quiet reflection. This was taken in an Abbey in Oregon. Everything was so beautiful and peaceful there that it wasn't a bit hard to quiet my mind...........Enjoy :~)

Reflections Uploaded: 04/14/05 6:17 PM GMT

Image: Reflections

I am interested in some feedback on this image. I was captivated by the amazing reflections on the water and the mallard was shining so brightly in the sun. Comments/critiques are requested so I can learn. Thanks :~)

Rose-Scented Bath Uploaded: 10/18/04 2:30 AM GMT

Image: Rose-Scented Bath

Thanks to my friends & my hubby who keep encouraging me to try new things & for the gentle push to post!! Comments & suggestions welcome. Thanks :~)

Tiptoe Thru the Tulips Uploaded: 04/06/04 5:10 AM GMT

Image: Tiptoe Thru the Tulips

Spring is really here! Hooray!