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Eternal Resting Disturbed Uploaded: 11/16/07 3:01 AM GMT

Image: Eternal Resting Disturbed

Taken in Pinewoods an Abandoned Cemetery located in Brunswick New York. Incorporated in 1897 by a group of wealthy Troy citizens. The goal of the project was to create a beautiful park-like cemetery with commanding Romanesque, Classicist, and Sullivanism architectural structures. The project never reached full completion due to financial issues and other unexplained problems. Most of the official records from the original cemetery were "lost". Many ghost stories, strange animal sightings and other legends have flourished locally and online but most local residents don't know many details about the cemetery, or prefer to remain silent when asked about them, but there may be some truth to the rumors if Life magazine felt strongly enough to list old Forest Park as one of the Top Ten most haunted places in the United States. Photgraph taken 11-13-2007 no artificial effects except the border and some gamma/brightness tweaks. I know its not a photographic masterpiece but interesting...

Late Summer On The Hudson Uploaded: 11/08/07 3:23 AM GMT

Image: Late Summer On The Hudson

Similar to my other picture I posted, except with tall grass in the foreground. Taken on the Hudson Preserve, near Saratoga Springs, NY.

Sunrise on the Hudson Preserve Uploaded: 11/05/07 11:07 PM GMT

Image: Sunrise on the Hudson Preserve

Around 5 am on a late summer morning, I snapped a few pictures...I missed a lot of shots, because I only had my roommate digital camera, but this is what I did get. The Hudson Preserve is a large piece of land on the Hudson River parallel to the (now defunct) Eerie Canal.