Artist of the Week number 2

Submitted by Samatar 11/08/05 3:31 AM GMT

Our second "Artist of the Week" is nmsmith. He was chosen in a tiebreaker of four artists who were eligible by last weeks winner Paul, who chose Nathan over the others mainly due to his dedication to producing tutorials. Please be sure to visit Nathan's gallery and provide with any feedback you feel might be beneficial. Here is some information kindly provided by Nathan so that we might get to know him a little better.

I really feel honored to be picked as an "artist of the week" at Caedes. Especially since there are so many people I admire here that deserve it more than I. You asked for a brief bio - I am Nathan Smith. I'm married to Phyllis Smith and we have seven wonderful children which range in age from 10 to 22. Most of my children are better artists than I am. You've seen some of Rachael's work I've posted here at Caedes. Phyllis and I homeschooled our children for many years, which was a wonderful experience for us all. I attended received a Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education, taught elementary school for 12 years, received a Master's degree in Instructional Technology, and now work as Director of Technology for the College of Education and Human Services at Utah State University in Logan, Utah. I'm also Director of the Adele and Dale Young Education Technology Center, and Manager of the NASA Educator Resource Center for Utah.

I've drawn and painted for as long as I can remember. I've taken many art courses at the university. I've experimented with a number of media; pastel, watercolor, oil paints, acrylics, charcoal, prismacolor pencils, ink, and pencil. When computers came around in the 80's, they sidetracked me from art (and actually provided me a new medium with which to draw and paint). Now I'm known more for my computer expertise than for my artwork. For photography I'm using a Kodak EasyShare 3.2 megapixel camera - and hoping someday to afford an 8 - 10 megapixel SLR which would allow me to do some serious photography. I have a Macintosh G5 dual processor tower with 2 gigabytes of RAM and a terrabyte of hard drive space, enough to let me do some serious exploring with the Adobe Creative Suite CS2. In addition, I have 76 other high end Macs and PCs in my labs here at work that I can fool around with.

I ran across Caedes almost 2 years ago, looking for some good desktop wallpaper to put in the labs here. The two artists who really caught my attention at that time were Peapod and Tracy. I was hooked and had to learn how to do stuff like that (still do). Anyway, as I mentioned earlier - there are many artists and friends here at Caedes who have inspired me (it would take me pages to name them all). You notice I don't have any pictures in my favorites gallery. That's because I have a folder with several thousand favorites that I've gleaned since being a member here. My thanks to you all for the camaraderie, inspiration, and fun I have while here. My only wish was that I had more time available to comment, critique, and share with you.

- Nathan Smith


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11/08/05 5:06 AM GMT
Another well deserved artist.. Congratulations Nathan you truly deserve artist of the week... you are an inspiration to me, your art work is amazing, your helping hand and tutorials have been a massive help to many especially me... without your guidance on a few things I would still be left "in the dark"... =) Your images are full of life and colour whether they are scenic or digital they are always a pleasure to look at..and the way you take another persons image and weave your magic to make it look even more spectacular... I look forward to seeing many many more of your art work, which will be put into my desktop folder =)

CONGRATULATIONS NATHAN... *Standing ovation...........
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"Life's like chocolate left in the sun... once it melts its gone"
11/08/05 5:29 AM GMT
Wow, that is great! You really deserve it Nathan. Your work is always spectacular!
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11/08/05 5:46 AM GMT
Bravo, another worthy and well deserving artist...congratulations Nathan...I haved oohed and aahed over your images for some time now and have noted how you just keep getting better and better...besides your amazing art, a real nice guy too, who despite the many responsibilities finds time to hand out recipes from time to time, lol...a big round of applause from me too.:Pat.
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11/08/05 5:49 AM GMT
Congratulations to you Nathan ! Another artist getting some well deserved recognition. Your artwork is incredible & always fresh. You have a true talent & I'm looking forward to seeing more of your art. Congratulations again !
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I don't want to achieve immortality through my work... I want to achieve it by not dying ( Woody Allen )
11/08/05 6:11 AM GMT
Congratulations to you for your recognition Nathan. I have always thought of a lot of your work as "stained glass". As someone who can stare for hours at beautiful stained glass, I can also do the same with your work. I do not know how to do fractals yet, only photography,but someday, I hope to grow up :) and do work like you do in dreams. Thank you for sharing your internal & artistic beauty with us Nathan.
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~ Mimi~
11/08/05 7:27 AM GMT
Congratulations Nathan, I guess your success will make me more interested in fractals and digital illustrations, which so far have been rather strange categories for me. But the colours and shades you provide in your works are just aswome, I guess it costs you lot of time and produce such beauties. I can not wait till I explore your impressive gallery. You will face unbelievable challenge for the next couple of days - many subscriptions judging upon Paul's problems, lol - therefore I promise not to bother you too excessively.
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"In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous" Aristotle
11/08/05 7:42 AM GMT
Congratulations, Nathan! Not only is your work extraordinary, by you go out of your way to contribute to the growth of other artists. I can't thank you enough for all of the tips and suggestions and help you've sent my way! I'm applauding, my friend....this is a well deserved distinction! Wen
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11/08/05 8:56 AM GMT
Congratulations Nathan! Your work with fractals is really amazing! I hope one day I get to be as good as you! Your tutorials are definately helpful, thank you for sharing with us.
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take a walk with me in Sifnos
11/08/05 11:22 AM GMT
Congratulations Nathan! You really deserve this, your images consistently amaze me. You're among the the top artists, and a very nice guy to boot. You're an inspiration to us all. Have a great week, enjoy this, you really do deserve it!..=)
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"A man who limits his interests, limits his life." -Vincent Price - My Gallery
11/08/05 12:41 AM GMT
Glad to see you honored like this- really like your work and appreciate all the thoughtful comments. You are such a huge part of what makes Caedes such a useful and positive place. I'm looking forward to learning alot more from you!
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'I cannot pretend to be impartial about the colours. I rejoice with the brilliant ones, and am genuinely sorry for the poor browns.' -Churchill
11/08/05 12:48 AM GMT
Big Congratulations Nathan!!!!, your work is amazing!!! Enjoy and never stop doing your art!!!!. Magnifico!!! :)
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11/08/05 12:58 AM GMT
Congrats Nathan!! You deserve it!
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It's never too late to be early. - Alexisonfire Check this out!
11/08/05 1:03 PM GMT
Congratulations, Nathan.. Definately, a deserved honor.. Your work has been an inspiration to me..
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One bead at a time
11/08/05 1:12 PM GMT
I hope you enjoy your time in the limelight Nathan, Congratulations, you really deserve it. I just wish I had half your talent.
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There are three colours, Ten digits and seven notes, its what we do with them that’s important. Ruth Ross
11/08/05 2:07 PM GMT
Most appropriate to select you for Artist of the Week! I have nothing but the utmost respect for your work and the way you handle yourself around here on caedes. As an artist you set a high standard, if I ever come close in making as good stuff as some of your work I'll consider myself lucky! ^_^ Kudos!
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11/08/05 2:23 PM GMT
I'd like to chime in with my congrats, too, Nathan. It's been a lot of fun watching you grow with your computer art. I have some of your very first fractals in my own personal folder along with some of your latest creations. Thanks for your encouragement and comments along the way and I hope to keep seeing your work for some time.
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11/08/05 3:11 PM GMT
Congratulations Nathan
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have a nice day and read more fantasy.
11/08/05 5:09 PM GMT
Well Nathan, you'd better take a couple of days leave now from your work! If you ever needed time then it will be this week.
Congratulations, and I am sure this will get you all the attention you deserve and could ever hope for.
I have always been an great admirer of your work and ability to keep improving yourself.
Good luck my friend!
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11/08/05 6:34 PM GMT
Hello Nathan...what can I say except that the things you have posted in caedes have given so much! Not only their beauty but the education and the fun! You have taught most of us a lot of things...and with me? well, I STILL stand behind the fact that you should go into "selling" your wonderful fractal people who make jewelry, to people who make movie sets and costumes and even writers. There are so many ways your designs could benefit the world...I truly mean that.I still want a ring designed by YOU..!!(smiling)I thank you once more for the lovely rose of mine that you made into such a special piece of art... As an artist myself, I value your creativeness...and I sure appreciate your having taught your children schooling at home. I taught all three of my daughters all the years of schooling, and not only did they learn, but I sure did too! There is a bond that can never be forgotten. The variety of your types of photos, art and talents are just amazing to me. It shows you can be a "person" in all things, a teacher of many and a friend to all. You are definitely "one of a kind" my dear friend! You make it fun and interesting to be part of caedes. This is "your" week...enjoy it..because I know it is meant to give a lot of purpose to many things...we all need care and love...and you get an extra "measure" right now...bigtime warm hugs are sent to you from me my friend!!!....verena
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We are shaped and fashioned by what we love....
11/08/05 8:32 PM GMT
Congratulations Nathan - a suitable recognition for your consistent support of the site with the quality of your work. well done matey.
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"Some mornings, it's just not worth chewing through the leather straps"
11/08/05 9:17 PM GMT
Congratulations Nathan.
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'Study the past, if you would divine the future.' - Confucius
11/09/05 1:47 AM GMT
Bravo Nathan, I am very glad that you received this "award" it is well deserved , you get all my support on this;-))!
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11/09/05 1:55 AM GMT
You've all been so kind with your comments and congratulations. Thank you so very much!
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11/09/05 3:36 AM GMT
Congrats Nathan you certainly deserve the honor with not only the body of work you've submited which speaks for it'self but also your kind comments and support to members on the site and me in particular.A well earned tribute my Utah friend!!
Peace&Respect Jojo
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Laying Easy Somewhere Shade Across My Mind
11/09/05 5:56 AM GMT
I'd like to know how you get the time to do all these great images when you have so many different hats to wear.. and 7 children.. LOL
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"Life's like chocolate left in the sun... once it melts its gone"
11/09/05 10:41 AM GMT
Applause for Nathan. Your gallery is one of the finest and most unique here on Caedes. I always look forward to your next post. Congrats!
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11/09/05 10:56 AM GMT
Congratulations.. You deserve this. great work!
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11/09/05 3:34 PM GMT
I was wondering the same as on earth do you find the time to produce such wonderful images, give us tutorials, and help others on the site with all the other demands on your you ever sleep, lol?
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FEAR is a darkroom where negatives develop.
11/09/05 3:50 PM GMT
It's certainly a full load. I usually do my doodling just before bedtime. We try to get the kids in bed by 8:30 or 9:00, then my wife and I have some unwind time where we can read, I can play in Photoshop, etc. My day usually begins around 5:30 AM, but some mornings like this morning I'll awaken at 4 AM, which gives me some more quiet time to do what I want.
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11/09/05 4:55 PM GMT
You certainly deserve this honor Nathan. You truly are a wonderful artist and great inspiration to us all. Everything you touch seems to turn to gold, whether it be a photo, a digital creation, or watercolor. You are a true friend to all and a very generous soul. Congratulations my friend. I had the privelege of meeting you and getting some very good training on Photoshop that I won't forget. It was a pleasure.
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"Little dreams cost the same as big dreams, so why not dream BIG"
11/09/05 6:10 PM GMT
Congrats Nathan . . . and excellent choice, Caedeseans!
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"The sky is not the limit . . . the ground is."
11/09/05 8:13 PM GMT
Congratulations Nathan, you've earnt it.........Looking forward to many more images in the furture:)

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11/09/05 8:23 PM GMT
Thank you Lauren, David, and Ben! :)
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11/09/05 9:10 PM GMT
Congradulations. :-)
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11/09/05 11:07 PM GMT
I'm a big admirer of your artwork. Your various contributions to the site are something to be proud of. Well done.
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"The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, but wiser people so full of doubts." Bertrand Russell
11/09/05 11:21 PM GMT
Congrats :o)
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"A good snapshot stops a moment from running away." ~Eudora Welty~
11/10/05 12:06 AM GMT
Well done Nathan - I'm betting that there are a quite a few people in the "real world" who would also applaud this decision!
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11/10/05 12:54 AM GMT
Nathan .. you deserve this honour for your contributions, which are many, but also the spirit that you bring to the site. Foundational, inspirational, encouraging...nice.

Well done and congratulations.

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11/10/05 2:30 PM GMT
wow nice one
congrats Nathan!
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do acts of random kindness and sensless beauty! - small ***gallery* ** for your enjoyment
11/10/05 9:28 PM GMT
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11/10/05 10:11 PM GMT
I wish I could find a better way of saying thank you than "thank you." Your well-wishing, congratulations, and compliments have been overwhelming (in a good way - --wipes away tear - literally --). Thank you all for your kindness!
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11/12/05 3:23 PM GMT
I think I've learned more from Nathan than anyone else around here. Bravo and well deserved.
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-DFX -
11/14/05 3:21 AM GMT
It's been a wonderful week, corresponding with you and having you browse my gallery. Thank you for the opportunity. I'm looking forward to seeing some of the other wonderful Caedes community honored in this way. Have a great week!
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11/18/05 5:21 PM GMT
Hello Nathan. I'm late, but I send to you my congratulations for this well desserved honor! :-)
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11/19/05 8:14 PM GMT
Congratulations Nathan. I am always amazed how quickly you put out your high quality images. With all those kids, I can completely relate to the late night "for me" time.
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When you get the choice to sit it out or dance, I hope you dance... Leanne Womack
12/03/05 5:43 PM GMT
Hereดs another late* congratulation message: Your skills in PS and other image editing programmes amaze us all. All your professional works made it an easy choice.
Congrats ! -- Arne --

*I have not been active here for more than a moth.
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12/03/05 10:21 PM GMT
Thanks, Pierre, BJ, and Arne. Have a great week!
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12/09/05 3:16 AM GMT
Mr.Smith Congratulations! This was Well Deserved indeed. Your images, have such a Crisp, Vibrant look. I could look through a hundred images, and pick the ones that you done. Without seeing your name. You are very, very talented, and Thank You for sharing your time, your efforts and especially your great artwork. As you were getting inspiration from others. We were truly getting inspiration from yours. I've always looked forward to seeing your next design. They are always 1st class.

Your Friend,
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