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Submitted by Piner 04/30/06 11:28 PM GMT

Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to read ekowalska's Artist Spotlight, take a look at her gallery and provide feedback and encouragement to this deserving member... As usual, should you or any member of your C.M. Force be captured or killed, the senate will disavow any knowledge of your existence. This webpage will self-destruct in five seconds. Good luck, caedes members.

My dear friends, with your unexpected verdict I feel the sense of responsibility to express my deepest gratitude for being selected for the Artist Spotlight. Words can't express my astonishment when I found out about this honorable nomination. How is that possible, after only nine months in Caedes? There are definitely many more acknowledged artists who contributed to this site much more than I did. I am deeply touched.

I am very glad that despite my modest experience you appreciated my works which, I suppose, are evolving with time and skills I have acquired. (To tell you the truth, frankly speaking), my big adventure with photography started in July 2005 when I joined Caedes community. My main aim was to please my eyes with the beautiful and vast resources of different galleries, to improve my skills, to stir my imagination, and reinforce my senses.

I guess I took the sensitivity to color after my mother whose biggest dream was to become the antique restorer. I never aimed that high but felt happy to deal with different artistic activities. I developed my skills in college; the cultural-linguistic profile offered many interesting opportunities: film, theatre and art classes, frequent visits to art exhibitions and film sets… That was also the time when I devoted much time to oil painting. Landscapes were my favorite to produce, and so they still are now. I became more pragmatic during my studies though and graduated in finance and management. Now I am a bank analyst sensitive not only to figures but even more to color and light.

My first encounter with photography was similar as in case of other Caedes friends. I took numerous photos during my summer holidays, family events etc... At that time it was usually me or my beloved that were the focal point of each image. The background was there only to document a trip or an event. When I think of those past photos I can only snicker with embarrassment.

When I discovered the Caedes site, a completely new world opened in front of my eyes and I was welcomed warm-heartedly. My artistic part took over with an overwhelming intensity. Soon I started studying different possibilities my Canon Powershot A80 camera had to offer. I got familiar with various photo editing applications, with some different trial version every 30 days, lol. It was the time of intensive exploration of all the new opportunities that photography had in store for me. My husband observed my newly discovered passion with alarm, then astonishment, and finally with approval. He was the main victim of my new time-consuming addiction. Now he is looking forward to my new acquisitions every time I come back from an airplane trip. My new color sensitive eyes let me discover many familiar places anew. To my great surprise beautiful sceneries are not that difficult to find. In the neighborhood, in my parents’ cottage place, and all around me: in the parks, even in the city center.

I have to admit the Fall season got me even more obsessed. I became overly color-sensitive to some extend. The reason I bring it up is that it was the first fall season in my life I could consciously enjoy the warmth of the sun and the fall color palette represented in the foliage. Finally, I could truly appreciate the natural wonders I have not paid much attention to before. I could compare this experience to a blind person who has just recovered her sight and is so excited about the surrounding world.

In my images I try to convey the atmosphere of the place, moment and light. I guess it is a real challenge generating the “poetic captures”. My ambition is to present something more than just a nice landscape. I would like to show some character of the place. Most of you have never been to Poland so I guess it is also useful to provide you with some information from time to time, to introduce to the subject. I would like to encourage you to visit the beautiful places presented in the photos one day. This is what I would call my small contribution.

I know this state of crazy color and light affection may fade away one day. But I have to thank you all for this breathtaking experience you were so kind to grant me. Your words of encouragement, your accurate suggestions, both positive and critical comments, they keep me motivated and give me a tremendous boost of enthusiasm. Many talented artists (I won’t even try to list them all because it would probably take another half a page) inspired me in my search for new challenges. I do hope this wonderful adventure never ends.

Ewa Kowalska


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05/01/06 12:20 AM GMT
Congrats, I love lots of your photos. As soon as I get a camera, I hope to be taking as many shots as I can too.

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05/01/06 12:39 AM GMT
Congratulations Ewa!!!!! you truly deserve the honour my friend.. you have wonderful images.. which I think I have most of them in my folder on my computer... I just love winter/autumn shots and yours were just amazing, always clear, colourful and perfect scenery, you took me to a place I have never seen, which has made me want to travel to see the great places... your a wonderful artist Ewa.. and I always enjoy your work... so keep shooting those fantastic pics.. I look forward to seeing Spring in Poland... =D but now its time to put your feet up.. relax and enjoy your shining week of this wonderful honour... which you my friend truly deserve.. =)
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05/01/06 3:08 AM GMT
Sincere congratulations, Ewa. :o))

If I may ... your very own words here, and I quote ...

"If you admire nature for its creations why don't you visit the gallery of its reporter ..."

You have, indeed, reported and documented your self-journey of visual discovery, as well as Mother Nature's offerings ... superbly.

Thank you for sharing that.
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The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes. - Marcel Proust
05/01/06 4:00 AM GMT
Definitely one well deserving! Congrats Ewa!
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05/01/06 5:19 AM GMT
Congratulations Ewa!!!!!! Definitely an excellent choice made here! Your work is beautiful!
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I'll be allright in a minute...just a bit stressed you might say...
05/01/06 7:24 AM GMT
Congratulations to you my friend on this honor. You are very deserving of it. Your eyes do bring us nature at it's best as well as that of Poland. You seem to have a magical touch with your camera. I have commented on many of your images because I was attracted to them and quite a few of them are in my favorites folder and they run in my screensaver slideshow program. I think my all-time favorite of yours is "Hiding" though. The simplicity of that photo is breathtaking.:)
You have worked hard for this recognition, so sit back, and bask in the spotlight for the next few weeks. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the beauty and smiles you bring to me. I am proud to call you my friend. :~)
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05/01/06 9:47 AM GMT
Ewcia, nareszcie !!!!!!! Congratulations to my all-the-time favourite artist !!!
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With all my love and respect, Marzena
05/01/06 10:39 AM GMT
Congratulations & well done Ewa on your nomination :-)
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05/01/06 11:12 AM GMT
Congratulations Ewa.
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05/01/06 11:35 AM GMT
May I add my Congratulations Ewa. Very well deserved - your pictures are of the highest quality and I always enjoy looking at them. You portray your country beautifully, and artistically, and do indeed capture the atmosphere of each place you show to us. Well done :)
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05/01/06 1:16 PM GMT
Congratulations Ewa , well deserved.
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05/01/06 3:31 PM GMT
Congratulations Ewa ! Your sense of color & artistic sense must appeal to mine, I have so many of your images stored in folders on my desktop ! Especially your winter pictures, I love them....."Hiding" as Mimi mentioned, "Landscape With A Tree ", I just love the stark simplicity of that one. Then of course there's your " November Leaf ". I can't begin to tell you how I love that one !
You've worked very hard in the last year & your work shows it. So sit back, & bask in your glory ! This is a very well deserved honor!
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05/01/06 4:06 PM GMT
Sincere congratulations to you Ewa. I have enjoyed your photos from the time you decided to join the Caedes "family". You do posess the talent of making your photos speak to us . - Eileen
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05/01/06 4:07 PM GMT
Congratulations Ewa! Your photos are truly breathtaking and stunning. This is a well-deserved honor!
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05/01/06 4:53 PM GMT
Way to go, my friend. Congratulations! I've admired most of the photos you've submitted, commented on some as I've had time. You have a nice gallery! Keep up the great work.
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05/01/06 5:23 PM GMT
WOW, Im so happy that finally the our voices have been heard!!. Since I joined this site, the first impression that I got from your photography it was just amazing. You have a very particular sensitivity thru the camera, and the feeling in each capture to share, u gave me a lot a motivations on my work, just inspiring me and give me a smile every time when I cross thru your photos. I can tell that you are one of the most wonderful photographers in this site who has give it all, and let u know that this "artist of the week" wont end in 7 days, this adventure will continue every day... thanks my dear friend, and Congratulations for this merit. :)
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05/01/06 5:48 PM GMT
Congratulations Ewa, I am very happy for you! Looking at your pictures is always a great pleasure for me. Your gallery is outstanding... so this is not a total surprise! Thanks for sharing all this beauty!
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05/01/06 6:56 PM GMT
An excellent choice! and about time you deserved the recognition for all your outstanding images....I am so pleased for you, and can give you my utmost congratulations for your success!.....You are certainly a most 'Special' enjoy the accolades we throw your way?.......Sincere best wishes.......
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05/01/06 6:59 PM GMT
I am so happy to see that so many friends do appreciate my work. Thank you guys. If I didn't find this wonderful Caedes community, if I didn't receive such a warm welcome from you all I would probably be taking snapshots only on family occasions ... Just kidding, lol. But one thing is true - your words and your images have definitely gave me a lot of inspiration and ecouraged me to develop my skills. Thank you for I feel I have so many friends all over the world now.

Hugs and kisses to all of you

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If you admire nature for its creations why don't you visit the gallery of its reporter...
05/01/06 9:20 PM GMT
Warm congratulations! Well deserved.

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Live every day as if it's your last... and take "pictures" of it ;)
05/01/06 9:42 PM GMT
I love your photos, they are splendid!!!
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I am the knight in the shadows.....
05/02/06 12:16 AM GMT
Dear Ewa, your distinguished photography, skills and talents have placed you among the stars! Your images have presented to us, the members of Caedes', undo entertainment and beauty with a style that is full of awesome musical color and scenic views, unique to only you! Your photos glisten with splendor and bring much pleasure to the viewer! I offer my congratulations to you with great delight! Marilyn
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05/02/06 2:41 PM GMT
Congrats Ewa. You know I'm one of your fans :-)
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05/02/06 7:41 PM GMT
Ewa, 10 months, ten years or ten minutes it doesn't really matter if you have the eye and desire to better your photography.
You have come a long way since you first started and have become one of the truly great artists here on Caedes.
Your warm spirit and kind words have made you a friend to all who have been lucky enough to interact with you.
Luckily I think I can call you "Friend".
Someday I would very much like to visit and photograph in your lovely country.
Keep up the good work
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05/02/06 8:43 PM GMT
Hi Ewa, great big congrats. to you!! It is truly deserved..and I much enjoyed "freezing half to death) with your beautiful,snowy,winter photos..

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05/03/06 1:28 PM GMT
What a fine and deserving Artist they have choosen. Peace and happiness in all ways. Dwight.
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The emotions, the tears, of wasted years, wash over me like a cold wind out of the north. I tremble and shake, with each breath i take, and there's no one around me that cares. Dwight.
05/03/06 3:16 PM GMT
Ewa, sorry I'm late, but I just noticed this moment you are in the Spotlight! This is great, and you very much deserve this honor. Congratulations from all my heart, I'm very happy you've been recognized.
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"Discovery consists in seeing what everyone else has seen and thinking what no one else has thought." Albert Szent-Gyorgi "my gallery"
05/03/06 3:32 PM GMT
Congratulations Ewa on your time in the spotlight. You are generous with your comments to others and your image contributions are wonderful. Thank you for being an important part of this community. Bravo!
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View the world with your mind's eye. Mr. Russ
05/03/06 10:10 PM GMT
Congratulations Ewa.
One day i will take a look on your gallery.
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Look around and catch it ; the Art is there !
05/04/06 1:16 PM GMT
Oh Ewa, hurray hurray!...I am sooo pleased to see your nomination as AOTW and only sorry I wasn't here sooner...your work is always top quality and wonderful to view...that, and your warm, friendly, and supportive disposition make you more than worthy of this attention...I will try when time permits this week to visit your gallery, knowing I will see some marvellous nature shots and a good variety of images to your credit...congratulations and enjoy all the attention.:Pat.
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05/04/06 2:07 PM GMT
Ewa, it’s quite an achievement to develop such a colourful and diverse gallery like yours in just 10 months. Congratulations you really deserve this recognition.
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05/04/06 6:34 PM GMT
Hi Ewa. Congratulations on being selected. Your works have definitely made me want to visit Poland, and see what your nation has to offer the tourist/photographer. Thanks for your contribution to Caedes. Your work and your participation has made it a better place for this photographer.
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ж Regmar ж
05/04/06 7:27 PM GMT
Congrats Ewa, you deserve this. Your gallery, frankly speaking, is like a whiff of fresh air, and I love the way you look through the viewfinder. A million thanks for the excellent pictures you're bringing to us, I will be here to see more coming up. Go ahead, dear friend, keep up the good work!
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The painter constructs, the photographer discloses. (Susan Sontag)
05/04/06 9:45 PM GMT
Have followed and have been in awe of your work since you joined us here at the Caedes.Your knowledge and expertise with the camera are second to none.Continue sharing with us.Congrats on your well deserved acolade Ewa...........Jim
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05/04/06 10:41 PM GMT
Ewa - Holy Cow, you are the Artist in the Spotlight. I cant think of anyone who deserved it more. I know you have worked very hard, and I applaud you. Hmmm. . .I was wondering, I know you only recently started your Photography skills, and in a short time you have achieved success. . .How good whould you be in the Banking Business ? :) I say Dittos in reference to all the above comments. Congratulations, and Thank You for sharing.
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05/05/06 1:42 AM GMT
Congratulations Ewa.It is nice to see some women being recognized on the site.
Peace&Respect Jojo
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Laying Easy Somewhere Shade Across My Mind
05/05/06 2:10 AM GMT
Hi Ewa, My warm wishe on the spot light. I saw how u developed ur skills by looking at all of ur pics from the day that I joined Caedes. Where the talent is, will always be honoured. Well done.
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05/05/06 8:57 AM GMT
You cannot even imagine how pleased I was in the morning to log on to see so many warm lines you left for me, my dear friends... Thank you once more for your supporting words from the bottom of my heart. I feel like I am running out of words to describe how grateful I am.

Always on the look out for anything interesting to shoot...
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If you admire nature for its creations why don't you visit the gallery of its reporter...
05/05/06 11:58 PM GMT
Hello Ewa, congratulations to you for being in the artists spotlight. Its a special place to be in, thats for sure. And it's been very interesting to read your writing here. I always have enjoyed your snow scenes as you know. I know you will do more and more with your artwork, and we will always enjoy it. Thank you so much, and congrats again...verena
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It's not the years in our life that matter, but the life in our years.
05/07/06 2:10 PM GMT
Dear Ewa,
"better late than never", but I am alomost ashamed to be the last in the row to congratulate you!
You have developed your skills so fast over the last months, that there is no doubt at all that you deserve to be in the spotlights!
I really like your work, they make me realise that you do indeed see the world with renewed vision and energy. I hope we can all enjoy the pleasure of your presence for a long time to come.
By the way, your english writing is incredibly good!
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If you can't find the words, you may as well shoot it...
05/08/06 2:23 PM GMT
It's about time you spotlighted Ewa's gallery. Her work is always beautiful and very tasteful.

Well done Ewa and congratulations. You deserve the honor!!

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05/08/06 10:39 PM GMT
Kudos Ewa on your AOTW spotlight!! Keep up the amazing work!!
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05/10/06 12:14 AM GMT
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Stultum est timere quod vitare non potes.
05/10/06 1:44 PM GMT
Hope you can stand to hear it again: Your photos are absolutely beautiful. Thank you.
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05/11/06 4:05 PM GMT
Congrats, Ewa. I looked through your gallery, and wow! You do have a talent. The colors and composition of your photos is wonderful. Thank you for sharing your work with us.
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Silence sometimes speaks to you, and you should listen.
05/13/06 4:54 AM GMT
Well, Lawd Almighty, talk about being late...there is just to much to keep an eye on in this website. I just noticed the Artist Spotlight with your name featured. Congrats, congrats, congrats!!! How long have I been enjoying your work? I hate to admit this...when I saw you being "spotlighted" I went to your gallery for a quick peek, knowing that I had been there before but guess what? I don't think I ever have because I saw skads of lovely photos that I had not commented on, sooooooooo I have saved them for upcoming commentary. I least I had enough brains to have placed you on my "friends" list. Now, what punishment do I deserve for never having gone thru your gallery? I was thinking of tying myself to a tree and having someone shoot me. Ok, are there any volunteers? (hears loading of a shotgun) BLAM, BLAM!
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05/14/06 8:45 PM GMT
Ewa your work is exquisite. I particularly like your contrasts between deep snowy winters and warmer, leafier times. Snowcover and Fall Colour Palette are favourites. Keep up the superb quality!
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05/16/06 4:07 AM GMT
Your gallery is very impressive...keep up the good work!
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"Let us forever cherish and hold sacred these moments...for it is our undoing ...should we forget..." -William Shakespeare
05/16/06 10:26 AM GMT
Another fine choice for AOTW! Congratulations. Your gallery is tremendous and so is your support of others on the site.
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05/18/06 7:52 PM GMT
Ewa, congratulations on your achievement. your work is fabulous...keep em coming.
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05/20/06 2:59 PM GMT
It is nice to see you in the spotlight. Your landscapes always catch my eyes and come across so naturally. Thank you Ewa!
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06/18/06 7:05 AM GMT
Yes Ewa, you are favourite four me and your work is excelent...****
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06/28/06 8:34 AM GMT
Ewa my friend,

I am ashamed, I thought I left a message and apparently I didn't. Please forgive me. You have the talent and deserve this as much as anyone. I love your pictures and always look forward to a new posting. Once again forgive me for my late comments, I am glad to see your talents recognized by all. Just keep em coming. Now do I get hugs and kisses too?

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06/29/06 1:49 PM GMT
Ewa!!! Way to go my friend! I see I'm a little late on this, but congratulations nonetheless. I can't think of anyone more deserving. You are an excellent photographer and are an inspiration to me...that's for sure. You have a great eye. Keep it up! -Jeff
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