Caedes has come a long way

Submitted by Piner 10/14/09 3:48 AM GMT

Wow!!! I was doing a little calculating of permanent images and I was pleasantly surprised with the total I came up with ... nearly 14,000 images that have been created and uploaded by our members have found a home in our permanent galleries! That is really a lot of original high quality images! Back when I first found there was only @ 1600 images in total on the whole site. I am sure Geri never imagined back in 2000 that the wee little site he had just started so he could share his favorite desktop wallpapers would grow to such an extent.


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10/20/09 3:27 AM GMT
I didn't start coming here until 2003 but even since then have seen a huge growth in membership and the numbers of very professional looking images, many of which now reside in the permanent galleries. Geri should be very pleased and proud at how all this has turned out. I know that I personally am proud to be a part of this wonderful community...way to go caedes!
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10/20/09 11:07 PM GMT
I started here on Caedes on about 3 years ago, and have found it to be just a wonderful place to share and enjoy superb quality desktop images. Does not matter if its photography, fractals, illustrations or whatever else, There are so many first rate images to enjoy, and some wonderful people to share with and learn from. Thank you Geri, your inspiration for this site is so appreciated. I to have noticed the growth of members. Kudos Caedes! Sandi
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10/21/09 1:16 AM GMT
It's been an awesome ride so far :)
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10/21/09 10:21 AM GMT
Kudos and here's to another 14,000!!
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Why do the pictures come out square when the lens is round??
10/21/09 12:14 AM GMT
I can remember that a friend told me about, she said you have to join that site, it's a good site to post your pictures and the site is not so big.

That was 3 years ago and look at it now, I certainly wasn't the last person that signed up here...hehe :oD

It has grown out to a big site and it is still growing.
I learned a lot here about the photography, like the lighting, a straight some tech stuff too.
I met a lot of friendly people here, *there's one in particular here, you'll know who you are :o))*

Geri, you can be proud of and the members who made this site a home for artists and photographers.

So.....lets raise our glasses and here's to the next 14.000 and more:oD

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Carpe Diem
10/21/09 7:53 PM GMT
I cannot believe the growth since I became a member on 2/14/04.

I thought it was big then...I was overwhelmed by the quality of images that were posted and today I am still somewhat overwhelmed.

What a great creative idea you had * of the things that keeps me here is the simplicity of navigation. You have always put yourself in the user's shoes and kept distractions to a minimum. You don't fold to the pressures of "larger,flashier avatars please" :o).

Thank you for sharing your vision with us!

Cheers to you and to all who have passed through your 'portal'!
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10/22/09 1:50 PM GMT
Things have come a long way in these few years. I remember when the gallery was only a dozen or more pages. This site has been such a wonderful community. Everyone willing to help each other in the pursuit of becoming better artists. As well as making lasting friendships across the globe. This is definitely something I have enjoyed being a part of these past 7 years.

Lets hope the next 7 are equally as enjoyable.

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10/23/09 2:12 PM GMT
I found this site because I was looking for wallpapers & I joined on 2/14/05, a year after Mimi. ;-) I made my first friends here, & we're still friends, & always will be. I learned about a new art form here & embraced it wholeheartedly. Without caedes, I don't think any of that would've happened.

I found friends here, made lasting friendships, lifelong friendships that I never would've made without caedes. If for nothing else, thank you for that caedes, let alone the amazing quality of the beautiful artwork that gets posted here day after day.

So, I'm very pleased to be a part of this community. ;o)

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10/25/09 6:29 AM GMT
I tuned in 3 years ago, even before I bought my first digital camera, because a friend kept saying to me, "You have to take a look at this site!" And I know, without Caedes I would never have bought that camera or challenged myself to learn from so many amazing photographers... And most important for me are all the wonderful friends I've found here.

My life has literally been changed in such a positive way! So...

Thank you *caedes!


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10/29/09 1:58 AM GMT
I enjoy this site immeasurably...I came here back in January 2006, (on the advice of someone I can't even remember now, whom posted their material on DeviantArt and heard about this site through the internet grapevine) ...right after a move from 25 years of self-imposed exile in the Chicago area, more or less back to my home stomping ground of Metropolitan NY and NJ... to put my life back together, and deal with some old issues of my past, utilizing art as my "therapy"...and to post as a means to market my skills in securing some kind of job in Graphic Design, or even my truer line of work (or rather love)...Fantasy Art itself

...I've never really quite liked the immediate competitor, DeviantArt (dA)...simply for the fact that it's gotten far too big and impersonal, and the people here (Caedes) are much friendlier, and the site has a much better "check and balance system" regarding the type of material posted than does dA, and as you can see...the whole site has indeed grown to be a part of I am of it...

Thank you for putting up with me...

Ron...a.k.a. Jhihmoac
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10/29/09 4:40 PM GMT
I am a youngster' here... I have been here only since June, 2007. I may be repeating myself so skip out anytime you please... I had been visiting another site and getting some images that I very much liked... I decided to post an image of mine as a thank-you for what I had received... they didn't really want it... they said they would store it and someday, after a number of other posts if they felt like it, they would make 'them' available. I reacted by searching for other photo sites, found Caedes, immediately tried posting that same image... it was accepted!... I could see it... I was a Caedesian (much more so than just a signed-up member!) I have a strange routine... I usually visit here even before I check my e-mail. It's kinda like that coffee & brekkie meeting with friends... you just can't be without it! And of course, Caedes must be my last visiting place of the day as well! I think Geri has mentioned something to the effect that the term Caedes has a special meaning... I would say that for we users here... it means friendliness, friendship... friends!
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10/30/09 12:02 AM GMT
If Con's the youngster here, then I'm the baby of the bunch. I joined 5/03/08 after my wife bought me my first "Real" digital Like everybody else, I started by doing a google search for wallpaper images for my DT. Stumbled upon this little site called Caedes and haven't been kicked out yet. Thank you for taking me through some tough times in my life and for being there for the good times. Each event being expressed through another image. (Although I'm not a professional by any means like some other wonderful images spread all through out this site.) Thank you Caedes for being an outlet and for allowing me to meet so many good friends and may the next 14,000 images be just as exciting and pleasant.
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11/09/09 9:32 PM GMT
I have been a member of caedes since January '08 and not looked back. I, like SatCom, was looking for a different DT image when I stumbled across caedes. I was off work with whiplash and so found it very relaxing looking through the hundreds of amazing photographs, and at the same time wearing my headphones listening to my favourite music! BLISS! I then realised that I could perhaps upload my own work and so joined. I have made many good friends on here, and feel part of a community of like-minded people who have helped me through some quite tough times. So its becoming more than just a photo site to me. I hope this site carries on for a good few years as there is always scope to learn new things from each other, and what better place than here at caedes. Carry on the good work Geri, it is very much appreciated by most who use this site.
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11/17/09 11:43 PM GMT
I found this site in 04 i think. Joined in 05, to be part of it, but lost it a little bit, now im really trying to contribute to this wonderful community.
This is one of the few places in the net that welcomes people, tries to make everyone a better person. There is no fighting about whos better, stronger, faster. It's about a shared passion and trying to get better at it everyday.

Really love this place and i hope it will be around for a long time ;)
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Greets, Chris
12/16/09 2:01 PM GMT
Been 'er four years now...

Caedes is like a comfy are reluctant to part with it!....

may it last a long time!...
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