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Submitted by whozurdoggy 02/22/03 10:44 PM GMT

Quite frankly, there's just not enough activity in our discussion board, ther have been gaps of hours or days in which no-one posts, this is due to either uninteresting conversation, or topics that few wish to join in. If everyone does their part to post on the Discussion Board, it'll make the site a more colorful place.


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02/22/03 11:15 PM GMT
Personally, I really don't like websites and discussion boards that exist exclusively for their own sake. If people have something to ask or talk about on the board, then go ahead an ask/talk. Otherwise don't try to use my bandwidth just because it's there. ;-)

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02/23/03 10:14 PM GMT
Amen to that.
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02/25/03 1:12 PM GMT
Just curious, what are we not talking about that we should be? I do feel that the discussion board is not really a discussion board, but don't really feel that there is any emergency.
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- Beowulf
03/18/03 12:38 AM GMT
Anyone know any good imaging programs? All I have is Paint.
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03/20/03 7:06 AM GMT
i suggest adobe photoshop or jasc paint shop pro
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Jest Mi 2 Sense

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