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1946 (78 years) 
08/23/06 9:57 PM GMT03/23/08 11:50 PM GMT 


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08/23/06 11:09 PM GMT
Hi took me a few minutes to figure out this was you...I thought the name was familiar.
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08/28/06 12:49 AM GMT
Hi Sande.. thanks for your comment on Dreamcatcher.. i'm very pleased you liked it and that its in your favs.. i really appreciate it.. =)

Welcome to Caedes, I'm sure you will enjoy it here, there is fantastic art work as well as the friendly (sometimes crazy) helpful members, if you have any questions and its not in FAQ’s feel free to ask any of the members, we all love to help.. =) be warned though.. this site is very addictive...
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08/28/06 4:48 AM GMT
Hi Sande, Thanks for stopping by "Victoria's Secret" & commenting. Glad you liked it & I am honored you put it in your fav's. Also, Welcome to Caedes ... you will enjoy it here. Sherree
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Friends are like shining stars. You may not always see them, but you know they are always there for you.
08/28/06 5:24 AM GMT
Good Day Sande, thank you for stopping by "A Wright Kind of Gift (Take 2)". I'm glad you liked it. It's always good to see new faces here, and welcome to Caedes. Hope you enjoy your stay. :o)
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08/28/06 10:56 PM GMT
Hello, Sande! Thanks for your support to the "Silver" and your kind words about it.It was my 3 image here...first understand?...:-)But i"m glad you enjoyed it and appreciate your comment.Have a nice day!
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08/29/06 7:29 AM GMT
Thanks so much for your kind comments on She-Lion. I did the image purely because i concider my niece as cat like....she does Poy dancing which is a combination of eastern Art dancing. However you are right, "Most women are graceful" and I have seen some of them fight like cats lol.

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AKAJON: Most people lye asleep and notice nothing around them. Just wake up and see the natural beauty around you. It will blow you away.
09/15/06 5:28 AM GMT
Many thanks Sande for stopping by and commenting on "Blue Bird of Happiness". I'm very glad you liked it. :o)
And... welcome to Caedes.
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09/20/06 3:05 PM GMT
Hi Sande, thanks for the comments on "Booner", I agree. And he is already enormous! 85 lbs and barely 5 months old!
have a great day, carol
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09/25/06 4:32 PM GMT
Hey Sande ; thx for the comment on abstract # 78 ; glad you liked it.
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"Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect." my images
09/28/06 7:11 PM GMT
Hi Sande,
Thank you for taking a look at "Tiger...". I am glad you enjoyed the image--he is a magnificant specimen.
I don't have a fancy camera, just an Olympus SP500UZ. It does have 10X optical zoom which is handy for zoo photos.
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09/30/06 6:31 AM GMT
Thanks, Sande, for your comments on the legend. I must admit it's more pleasant to watch than to ride. But if your daughter was more inclined to fly, I'd have taken her on it by now... ;-)
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10/09/06 10:35 AM GMT
Hi and thx for your comment about Madrid - 1. I'm happy you liked it ;)
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10/16/06 3:03 PM GMT
Thanks for the comment on "Lost Souls"
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You remember the great fire from 1979 that supposedly started in your garage where that chipmunk ingested some fertilizer and fell into a can of kerosene, instantly turning into a flying little fluffy little molotov cocktail that set a blaze leveling the whole neighborhood west of Newton's Hardware Store?
10/27/06 7:50 AM GMT
A million thanks for taking a stroll with me and checking out the the “Costa del Sol” sunrise, Sande. Andalusia cost resorts like Benalmadena (where I stayed for two weeks), Fuengirola, Torremolinos, and Marbella, with their miles of beautiful fine sand beaches and splendid weather, are favourite destination for thousand of tourists. I was no exception.

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If you admire nature for its creations why don't you visit the gallery of its reporter...
10/30/06 7:47 PM GMT
Hi Sande, thanks for your comment on San Francisco, Here We Come! The box is to focus your attention ;)
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~ Capturing the elements of nature ~
11/18/06 3:20 PM GMT

Thanks for dropping by 'It's a hard life' your comments are most welcome.

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