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Toronto ON Canada 
1988 (32 years) 
01/28/04 9:50 PM GMT09/12/19 6:45 PM GMT 

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Summer Sweets by Eventualyeti, photography->people gallery Mops by Eventualyeti, photography->still life gallery A Line Shaft by Eventualyeti, Photography->City gallery
Summer Sweets Mops A Line Shaft


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01/28/04 10:15 PM GMT
Hi Eventualyeti , thanx for commenting on 'Skylights & Shadows'...& welcome to : )
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Henceforth forever more says the man in the yellow button = {D
02/28/04 9:44 AM GMT
Thanks for your comment on 'Evora'. Much appreciated! :-)
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"Violence is the last resort of the incompetent" (I. Asimov)
07/10/04 4:13 PM GMT
Thanks for your comment on my nyc pic. the effect i used was the dust and scratches in photoshop. i used like a radius 3. really simple. I am glad you like it!

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07/25/04 6:24 AM GMT
The Light of Olympus
Thanks for the input I have been meaning to get beck to this image and make some changes. I think the input is great. Thanks for the honesty and suggestions
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Art is the perception of the creator. Meaning is the perception of the viewer. acceptance is the perception of society.
07/25/04 11:50 AM GMT
Thanx for your post on Rialto!
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10/29/04 5:46 AM GMT
Thank you so much for such uplifting comments on "Life on the Edge #2". I'm pleased you liked it. The view from that point is just breathtaking.
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11/22/04 6:49 AM GMT
Thanks Matt for your post on 'Sea Point & Flowers' - glad you like it!
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...Recent work .......<-☺.|.☻->
04/20/05 12:22 AM GMT
Thank you Matt for your very nice comment on Playing The Theatre :) Much appreciated

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04/29/05 5:05 AM GMT
hmm, i think you have me mistaken with somebody else.
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"A piece of toast with butter always lands butter side down, and a cat always lands on its feet. What happens if a piece of toast is tied butter side down to the back of a cat? Does it perpetually hover above the ground in indecision when dropped?"
04/29/05 5:20 AM GMT
ya, milo would be Eric, my friend, i dunno if you knew him, but awesome job with the U of T, and i wish you well there.

i forget what trevor's name is on here again, but i dont think he's been particularly active recently so he might be hard to find

oh here it is, its "Karr" if you want to send him that message
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The heavens declare the glory of God, the skies proclaim the work of His hands.
11/05/05 10:10 AM GMT
Thanks Matt for the very constructive feedback you left on my Venetian Vanishing Act. Perhaps you could stop by Forester's original shot also and leave some input for him as to the composition which I agree with you on.

cheers - Phil
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"Some mornings, it's just not worth chewing through the leather straps"
11/07/05 5:42 PM GMT
Hey Matt,
Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment on "Torrance Barren's Park" It was a very overcast day, which I thought just added to the remote location of this spot. If you look at the horizon line it is as straight as it could be. I'm shooting from a hole in the rock to emphasize the size of the rock under foot. Hey, good ol' TO guy.........John
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11/08/05 9:16 PM GMT
Thanks Matt for your comments on Vulcan's Shield , comments are always welcome but better when they are good ones!!! LOL
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11/12/05 8:05 AM GMT
Hi, thanks for info but I did not ask, it's nice to know anyway :)
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11/20/05 6:10 PM GMT
The sax in my thumbnail was picked up on an animated giff site - long live jazz!
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11/29/05 3:13 AM GMT
Long live jazz
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11/30/05 10:07 PM GMT
Thanks Matt, for your very nice comment and suggestion on "My Driveway." I really appriciate it :)
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Sometimes me think, what is a friend? And me think, maybe a friend is somebody you give up last cookie for. -Cookie Monster
12/01/05 1:18 AM GMT
Hey thanks for the comment on my Damaged Roses. You really made me feel better about it. I thought it wasn't that great for awhile. Thanks
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Every picture is a memory.
12/28/05 1:54 PM GMT
Hi Matt...nice to meet a fellow Torontonian here at caedes...and thank you for your thoughts on Broken Glass...very glad it caught your eye and I appreciate the visit.:Pat.
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Christmas is just plain weird. What other time of the year do you sit in front of a dead tree in your living room eating candy and snacks out of your socks?
03/19/06 7:53 PM GMT
thanks for the kind words on Basket of Gold! I really appreciate it! ~abby
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