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Simon Lancaster-Larocque
Mountain View, CA 
1985 (39 years) 
06/04/04 8:10 PM GMT10/29/09 2:20 PM GMT 


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08/31/04 8:02 PM GMT
thanks simon for your comment and encouragment on "dunno what u got till its gone" :) glad you liked it
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-Amanda-"The essential quality of life is living, the essential quality of living is change; change is evolution, and we are part of it."
09/01/04 8:27 PM GMT
Thanks for the comment on Meter. And yes, I shot it on Ilford Delta 100 and processed it myself. It was one of my first prints.
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In a nation of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.
09/21/04 12:40 AM GMT
Thanks for taking the time to browse through my gallery and the kind words about my work. :)
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10/11/04 12:11 AM GMT
yea, i'm studying nerd theory at Imperial College of Science and Technology and MRAAAAWR (Could you guess)
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its all about something different
11/10/04 11:53 PM GMT
Hey Simon, thanks for the great comment and vote on (Sitting in My Tin Can). I'm glad you enjoyed the picture!
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~My select image - Wading Patiently
11/16/04 7:18 PM GMT
I will comment on your Avatar as well.

Thanks for warning us all that that's what'll happen if you slam your penis in a door.

~"I walk to B, then I look up and 'Ahhh!' P is coming down on me!"~Pearl Sullivan
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11/19/04 6:04 PM GMT
thanks for the comment on "erythrophobia".. much appreciated ;]
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keepin' it real
11/21/04 6:41 AM GMT
Hello Simon. I'm pleased you liked "Praying For Spring". They are beautiful birds and with a little patience and a good long lens you can get some very nice images of them. Thanks again and you are welcome to visit my gallery anytime.
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11/22/04 12:03 AM GMT
Thank you very much for your nice comment on "Another Golden World", Simon!
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The die is cast -- now we search for it. Nicky
11/25/04 12:31 AM GMT
Thanks Simon, glad you liked the squirrel shot. I've got a 10x optical zoom on my camera, but I was within five feet of the shot so I backed the zoom off a bit.
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we are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking up at the stars
11/25/04 3:27 PM GMT
Thank you Simon for the great words to; "The art of feeling lonely" It's really appreciated!
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Just be.
12/14/04 7:34 AM GMT
Hi Simon - many thanks for your great comment (and vote!) on "Great Grey". I'm glad you liked it :-)
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01/01/05 5:00 AM GMT
Thanks, Simon, for your kind words about "Mountain Majesty." So glad you enjoyed it. Have a happy New Year!
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01/11/05 9:45 AM GMT
Hey! Thanks a lot for you great comment on 'What will you do this winter?', Simon. My pleasure to share it with my caedes friends :-)
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01/15/05 3:49 AM GMT
Thanks Simon for viewing and commenting on my Shore Lunch Discard photo. I'm glad that you like this image. Blue Crab is very good eats but a lot of work picking the meat out of the shell.
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01/15/05 3:54 AM GMT
Thanks for viewing my image Simon. I'm glad that you liked my Dog Footprint photo.
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02/01/05 2:21 AM GMT
thanks for ur comments on "7cidades"...i took it in Sao. Miguel
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Keep doing what you do best!
02/02/05 6:40 PM GMT
Simon - thanks for your post on Racing Stripes - much appreciated.

most excellent double barrel bye the way :-)
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"Some mornings, it's just not worth chewing through the leather straps"
02/03/05 10:04 AM GMT
Thanks for your kind words on my image " A Silent Conversation"
Im glad for your high scores and that you honored me and use it on your desktop...
Its a very special place for me and im happy for your appreciation...../ Blitz
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" Im Here As A Friend "
02/04/05 11:23 PM GMT
Thanks for stopping by
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02/18/05 10:32 PM GMT
Hello Simon, and thank you for the comment on (Summer Shade), it was very flattering. I'm glad you enjoyed it and I am definitely very lucky to visit that place once in a while.
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~My select image - Wading Patiently
03/11/05 1:29 AM GMT
Hey, you should probably take off that

"look it's me" picture now, cause that pic of mine was deleted =P
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04/14/05 5:02 PM GMT
Hi Simon, really nice to meet you ! Im happy to see you enjoyed my natural fractal Neon leaf 2 so much. This is a kind of image Im very fond of and I hope to show you some more later on. Have you seen Wooden Star 2 ?
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09/10/05 7:35 PM GMT
I'm from Waterloo too. Waterloo rocks.
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"No race in all the Realms better understands the word Vengeance than the Drow. Vengeance is their dessert at the daily table, the sweetness they taste upon their smirking lips as though it was the ultimate delicious pleasure. And so hungering did the drow come for me." - Drizzt Do'Urden. READ MORE FANTASY.

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