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Central Coast, CA 
1987 (37 years) 
12/01/05 1:58 AM GMT01/21/11 7:22 AM GMT 

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12/01/05 8:05 AM GMT
Thank you for stopping by at "Cradle of life" and commenting on it. I wanted to keep the contrast bit low since the theme of the image is a bit dark one. Appreciate your interest.
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Kindly visit my gallery and comment on my photos.
12/02/05 3:51 AM GMT
Thanks for your comment on Break Out, i'm glad you liked it..

Welcome to Caedes, im sure you will enjoy the site.. =)
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"I cannot change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination" / Jimmy Dean
12/02/05 6:25 PM GMT
Thanx for the comment on Bubble Bearings! Greatly appreciated. I did this on 3D max 7, complicated but awsome program.
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12/02/05 7:27 PM GMT
doncha just love caedes?
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12/03/05 9:04 AM GMT
Thank you so very very much for your nice comment about my Haystack Rock...its so motivating when people give great the way Welcome to caedes! you will like it here a lot...we all learn together and have a good time....verena
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My part is to improve the present moment.....
12/03/05 11:44 AM GMT
Thank you for watching my pics and leaving a comment on "Fall Avenue", much appreciated.
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12/04/05 2:03 PM GMT
Hi there anonymous friend, kind of you to comment my picture of geese on a jetty ready to take a bath...It´s a rather funny picture and I´m glad you liked it. Thanks for your comment.
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-- Arne --
12/05/05 11:19 PM GMT
Hello, just wanted to thank you for posting a comment on "Soul of Music" it's greatly appreciated.
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"Through life comes difficulties, through difficulties can come faith, through faith can come wisdom, and through wisdom comes the spirit.
12/06/05 10:13 PM GMT
Thanks for the comment on "Magnolia Plantation" I'm glad you liked it :)
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"Morals, like clothes, change with the fashions, or, perhaps the fashions change to adorn the morals." Florence Reed
12/08/05 2:52 AM GMT
Thanks for commenting on 'Silhouette'..I love that photo too!
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/this body makes me feel eternal//all this pain is an illusion/
12/09/05 12:48 AM GMT
Ty. You should check out my other pictures.
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12/10/05 3:13 PM GMT
Hello again. I´m glad you liked my picture of the black knotty trees against the winter sky. It looks almost like a drawing and it works very well as an enlarged photo. Thank you for your comment.

"Winter again 9 (new)" is a similar picture with more details and many interesting "lines" in it.
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-- Arne --
12/10/05 8:30 PM GMT
Hello, thanks for stopping by and leaving your nice comments for 'Holiday Card'.
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12/11/05 5:40 AM GMT
Welcome to Caedes! Thank you for commenting on "A Beautiful Song". It was nice to see your opinion:-)
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01/30/06 5:29 PM GMT
Thanks for taking the time to comment on Summer Harvest. I'm thrilled you liked it!
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01/30/06 8:06 PM GMT
Hello there, I enjoyed reading yore comments about “Mugshot Meerkat”, Thank you. I agree, they are the star attraction at the zoo for me too.
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There are three colours, Ten digits and seven notes, its what we do with them that’s important. Ruth Ross
01/30/06 8:18 PM GMT
Hello, Thank you so much for your feedback on "Ebony at Dawn". It is so encouraging to hear. :-)
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02/01/06 1:06 PM GMT
Hello, thanks a lot for ur kind and wonderful comment on "sparkling water", so glad u like it, and found it very unique (u havent seen something like that), well, that makes me feel great, thank u. have a great day!!
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“Suspiros etereos se abrazan con un beso eterno” Enjoy My Gallery
02/01/06 10:27 PM GMT
Thanks for your amazing comment on "Mini Waterfall". I am so glad you liked it that much!

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02/03/06 10:36 AM GMT
Thanks for kind words on 'desert sky'. Always appreciated.
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02/03/06 11:45 AM GMT
I’m glad you like “Bimbadeen” It’s one of my favourites. Thank you for those wonderful comments about it, they are much appreciated.
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There are three colours, Ten digits and seven notes, its what we do with them that’s important. Ruth Ross
02/03/06 12:55 AM GMT
Hi .....Thankyou for clicking on "Garden Visitor"....your comments are much appreciated....Pete
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02/05/06 9:22 PM GMT
Thanks very much for your comment on "Cactus" -- You're absolutely right about the black background. It brings out the detail very nicely. Thanks again for noticing.
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Fiat Lux. | Get Firefox
02/05/06 11:47 PM GMT
Thanks for commenting on "poplar silhouette," glad you liked it!
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02/06/06 10:23 PM GMT
Hello there, thank you for your kind comments about “Multiplication” I’m glad that you enjoyed it.
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There are three colours, Ten digits and seven notes, its what we do with them that’s important. Ruth Ross
02/24/06 11:15 PM GMT
Thanks for commenting my "Foggy Afternoon " picture, your comments are much appreciated / HJ
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04/03/06 5:24 AM GMT
Thank you for the comment on "2 seasons, 1 photo" It is always appriciated!
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Carpe Diem and take those photos!
04/17/06 10:38 AM GMT
Thanks for the prop regarding Reflections.
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05/12/06 4:27 PM GMT
Thanks for commenting on my frog picture “Kermit” he kind of has a face only a mother could love.

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06/03/06 3:23 AM GMT
Thank you so much for your kind comment on April March. Pleased you like it :)
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Keep your face to the sunshine and you can not see the shadows. It's what sunflowers do - Helen Keller
06/16/06 8:18 AM GMT
No worries I enjoy the great work
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Suicide is man's way of tell God "YOU CAN'T FIRE ME I QUIT."
06/18/06 7:29 AM GMT
You take some really fantastic pictures, and at 19. Are you studying photography?
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06/24/06 5:44 AM GMT
Thanks for your comments on "Freshly Bathed". I'm pleased you like it.
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08/07/06 8:28 PM GMT
Thank you so much for your kind comments on " birds eye " and " little hummer " so glad you liked them.
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"Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what your gonna get" Forrest Gump...kinda relates to photograghy
08/09/06 8:56 AM GMT
Thanks for the generous comments regarding QuetTime, they're much appreciated.
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Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep. -Scott Adams
08/09/06 3:21 PM GMT
Thanks for your comments on A Little River Reflection. I'm sure the fishing is excellent there. Donna
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