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A. Pedro ....
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Esmoriz - Portugal - Europa 
08/04/04 10:38 PM GMT07/17/24 9:50 PM GMT 

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5. Summer - 2024 4. Summer - 2024 3. Summer - 2024


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01/31/05 7:21 PM GMT
Hello and welcome to Caedes!
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I'm really into goth rock and new wave. My favorite band is The Birthday Massacre. The guy in my avatar is, in fact, a guy. His name is Mana from the band Malice Mizer.
02/06/06 11:19 PM GMT
Obrigado pelo comentário em «Set the sun».
Conhece Esmoriz?
A foto é de lá...

Já agora, bem vindo ao Caedes !!
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Look around and catch it ; the Art is there !
05/12/06 7:17 AM GMT
A Sr.ª da Pedra agradece e...pede fotos suas no Caedes....os portugas têm que se mostrar!!!!
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Look around and catch it ; the Art is there !
10/13/06 11:09 PM GMT
I'm here....see my pictures
and I see yours...

Thanks for all ! ! ! !

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10/16/06 8:23 AM GMT
Obrigado amigo pela visita a Sintra.
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Look around and catch it ; the Art is there !
11/17/06 12:33 AM GMT
Thank you so much for your kind words about my beach photo. It made me smile..verena
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"Simplicity is Elegance" Henry David Thoreau
12/26/06 11:50 PM GMT
Obrigado pelo comentario na foto da Ponte Luiz I

Thanks for your comment on "Luiz I Bridge"
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What doesn't kill us makes us stronger
02/22/07 10:29 AM GMT
Obrigado pela visita a Boats II.
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Look around and catch it ; the Art is there !
05/25/07 10:56 PM GMT
Thanks a lot for your nice comment about Flirt. I am glad, you liked those two ...
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I would be happy, seeing you in my galerie. Today I've posted Come Inside.
09/03/07 6:17 PM GMT
Thanks for your nice comment on 'Secret Hideout' :o)
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If you have some minutes why don't you come visiting my gallery ?
09/21/07 10:52 PM GMT
Hi thanks for your lovely comment on You Decide i'm glad you liked it..
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MY GALLERY ........... "Live one day at a time and make it a masterpiece"
09/27/07 12:16 AM GMT
thanks for your comments on "egyptain 7", much appreciated.
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10/30/07 1:07 AM GMT
Hello....Hello....Many thanks for taking the time to have a look at (CHURCH ON THE HILL)and for you comment,it is very much appreciated...Thanks again....All the best....Mick.
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02/24/08 12:58 AM GMT
Thanks for your comments on "Red, White And Blue". I thought the flags looked splendid against the blue sky.
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If a thing is worth doing, it is worth doing badly. G. K. Chesterton. If you would like to see this sentiment in action please look at My Gallery
02/29/08 3:14 AM GMT
Thank you for checking out Angler's Oriel , and for your great comments. So glad you liked it :)

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Each cup of tea represents an imaginary voyage. ~Catherine Douzel
03/01/08 2:16 AM GMT
Thank you, for your positive comments on "The Most Beautiful One"
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03/01/08 5:30 PM GMT
as you requested, i have posted the color version of "into the light." i hope you enjoy it!
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07/05/08 8:15 AM GMT
Thank you so much for the very kind comment on "Iron Horse", greatly appreciated!
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03/31/09 3:48 PM GMT
Hi apofix, thanks for the comments on "Passion fruit [Passiflora edulis] " Hope you are fond of "maracujás"
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( This message is posted from Gods Own Country,Kerala,India )
05/15/09 10:54 PM GMT
Thanks for the comment on Plasma Streamer Aurora.
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FRACTAL KATAMARI!!! If you attend DA add this message to your sig.
05/16/09 6:29 PM GMT
Thanks very much for the comment on "Flower on the Sign"
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"They say time changes things, but you really have to change them your self."
05/17/09 5:17 AM GMT
Thank you for your comment on The wings.
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05/27/09 10:40 PM GMT
Thank you for commenting on 'Swimming with the stars'. It was taken on the first clear warm day signaling the coming of spring. So i took advantage of it all at a local park along the river.
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05/31/09 1:43 PM GMT
"HBG3 Rosebud"
Thanks for the complement!
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06/30/09 3:36 PM GMT
Muito obrigado pelas palavras amáveis sobre você "Smooth" e "Levando tudo isso em". Foi muito apreciada e, por favor pare por qualquer hora.

I hope I got that right..if not..then I feel very dumb...LOL.
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Sometimes I do get to places just when God's ready to have somebody click the shutter. - Ansel Adams....... My Gallery
12/24/09 5:17 AM GMT
¦:-•:*'''''*:•-:¦:-Merry Christmas and Happy New Year-:¦:-•:*'''''*:•-:¦:-
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єvєrч dαч ís α gíft.....thαt ís whч ít ís cαllєd thє prєsєnt!
12/31/09 3:10 PM GMT
In just a few hours it will be a new year so I wanted to take the time to wish you a very Happy & Prosperous New Year.

| | / ,' ,-' _,-'
| .' / ,' ,-' _,-'
| | / ,' ,-' _,-' __..--""
| .' / ,' ,-' _,-' __..--""
| | / ,' ,-' ,-'Happy New Year __..--"" _______________

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every day is a gift......that's why it's called the present!!
06/16/10 4:59 PM GMT
Thank you for your nice comment on my 'Night begins in Izmir'.

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Be free - use Linux
10/01/10 7:13 PM GMT
Thanks for leaving the nice comment on "window to". Sure do appreciate it. Thanks
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12/19/10 5:36 AM GMT
Thanks for leaving a comment on "Just Claus". Glad you liked the image. Have a grand day, ~Wendell
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Art is a collaboration between God and the artist, and the less the artist does the better. - Andre Gide
05/10/13 9:36 PM GMT
Thanks for leaving a comment :) Sorry, late reply as always hehe!
x x x x
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05/29/13 8:27 PM GMT
Thanks for stopping by 'Accent' glad you liked her! :D xxx
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