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08/29/10 3:06 PM GMT
Welcome to Caedes!... A year and a half later!
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08/31/10 2:11 PM GMT
Many thank´s for the very kind words you left me on "On the Outside looking In...", I really appreciate it a lot!
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09/11/10 6:49 PM GMT
Hope your stay in Caedes may provide more constructive comments than the last one up to my post.
For the moment I'm not going to welcome you because you're rude and not polite.
I'll welcome you as soon as you start using an educated language, as this site is.
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09/12/10 3:42 AM GMT
You're free for critique while you no violate my personal freedom.
You're not free to critique if is violent and rude.
In a nutshell you criticize the symbolism and not to the photo itself.
If I'm not interested in the story of a photo or its narrative I limited my critique toward picture.
Your language demonstrates, in fact, that you're far from critique, while being more close to the ignorance that it may be the cause of your rude posting, absolutely useless and that has given an image of you such that an ignorant person is surely extremely more polite than you.
Enjoy your nescience my friend and next time use your mind, if you have it (but I've great doubt) before posting with intention of using your "critique" full of hate and try to to count till ten before writing (apologies this is my liberty to critique).
My regards my "friend".
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09/12/10 7:01 AM GMT
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