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12/17/05 3:51 AM GMT
Kirk, thanks for your recent comment. You honor me unjustly, and that is the truth.

I know it is long overdue, but welcome to caedes. :-)
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Suburbia - where they cut down trees and name streets after them
12/17/05 10:50 PM GMT
K, thanks for checkin' out 'Up, up and away'. Yeah, and welcome to Caedes!!!! Glad to have ya aboard!!!!!!
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Picture Purrrfect
12/22/05 10:22 PM GMT
Thanks for the kind words on my Doors of Perception. :) It's highly appreciated.
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12/23/05 2:10 PM GMT
Hello Kirk, thank you very much for your comment on Daisies. Much appreciated.
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Love is like war, easy to start, impossible to forget. . . . .
12/24/05 2:01 AM GMT
Hey Kirk, thanks for your comment for 'Black-capped Chickadee'. They always bring me cheer when I am tired of trekking and cold.
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12/24/05 6:24 AM GMT
Hi Kirk......Thankyou for leaving a nice comment on my "Little Lady on a Slide" image....It is much appreciated.
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12/24/05 6:02 PM GMT
Hi Kirk, many thanks for viewing "A Cool Rose"!! So glad you like it! I see we have another Michigander! How nice and a big WELCOME to you! Please stop by again! Sincerely, Marilyn
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12/24/05 7:13 PM GMT
Thanx for commenting on "Fresh and Juicy". Really appreciated.
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12/24/05 10:29 PM GMT
Thanks so much for your kind remarks on 'Hide And Seek', I really appreciate it!! And Merry Christmas to you and yours!
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In this is love: not that we loved God, but that He loved us and sent His Son to be the atoning sacrifice for our sins. 1 John 4:10
12/26/05 1:23 AM GMT
Hi Kirk, Thank you for taking interest in my shot "Cradle of life" and keeping a nice comment.
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Kindly visit my gallery and comment on my photos.
12/29/05 1:53 AM GMT
Hey Kirk, Thanks for the comment for 'American Robin' I appreciate it.
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12/29/05 6:34 PM GMT
Thanks a lot for the comment on "Summit" - it's greatly appreciated...
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-userone- (Gallery)
12/30/05 6:49 PM GMT
Thanks so much for your kind remarks on 'Ye Olde Church', I really appreciate it!
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In this is love: not that we loved God, but that He loved us and sent His Son to be the atoning sacrifice for our sins. 1 John 4:10
12/30/05 11:30 PM GMT
Thank-you for your comments on Pallettes of Colour - a moment of inspiration turned out well! CHeers....and Happy New Year!!!
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The Universe conspires to help those who help themselves. This weeks gallery image.
12/31/05 1:07 AM GMT
Hi Kirk, thanks for your comment on «cardinal rouge». I have much appreciated!
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12/31/05 11:56 AM GMT
Hi. I'm glad you liked my "Sunset Colours" It was a beautifull sky that night, havent seen one round here like it since. Congratulations on the great gallery your bulilding up here too. On this new years eve I wish you a prosperous and healthy year to come.
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12/31/05 11:14 PM GMT
Hi! thanks for stopping by at "Farmland" :D
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Please feel welcome to view my Gallery Here
01/02/06 1:08 AM GMT
Hello Kirk, thanks for noticing and commenting on 'Waiting for the Sun'. I really appreciate it.
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01/03/06 12:53 AM GMT
Hello Kirk, thanks for stop by "Dream Untouched"
very appreciate :) Have a great day!
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“Suspiros etereos se abrazan con un beso eterno” Enjoy My Gallery
01/06/06 8:40 AM GMT
Your very welcome for the comment on 'orange ducks'
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¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º° A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step ¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º°`
01/06/06 10:50 PM GMT
Thanks for your comment on Superior blues! :)
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Sometimes me think, what is a friend? And me think, maybe a friend is somebody you give up last cookie for. -Cookie Monster
01/07/06 3:34 PM GMT
Hi Kirk, and thanks for your kind comment on "Flotsam" - it's much appreciated :-)
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01/09/06 2:44 PM GMT
Hi Kirk...thanks alot for your appreciation of Lighthouse #2 Revised...very glad you enjoyed it and I appreciate you stopping by.:Pat.
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The new year is full of time. As the seconds tick away, will you be tossing time out the window, or will you make every minute count?
01/09/06 4:46 PM GMT
hey Kirk

so glad you liked ZAKOPANE SKIES [FISHEYE]

the fisheye lens is certainly a lot of fun
portraits are extremely unique!
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do acts of random kindness and sensless beauty! - small ***gallery* ** for your enjoyment
01/11/06 3:27 PM GMT
hi Kirk, thanks for the nice comments on Fireball, glad you liked it......
Gary : )
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01/11/06 11:46 PM GMT
thanks kirk..ready for the sliegh ride??
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01/12/06 6:44 PM GMT
Hello Kirk....Thankyou for kind comments on (PORTREATH)....I never gave the picture a second glance to see if the rocks resembled a face....when you study it their is something there...Thanks again ...All the best....Mick.
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01/12/06 6:51 PM GMT
Hello again Kirk....Once again thankyou for your comments on my pics and in particular (GWENNAP)....I arrived at the graveyard when it was still dark and waited until daybreak to capture the shot....All the best....Mick.
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01/13/06 11:00 PM GMT
Thanks for lookin at "gone south"......being a michigander,,,you know what I mean....
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01/14/06 11:26 AM GMT
Hello Kirk,

thank you for watching the "Graffiti Bridge" with me and leaving such a nice comment, much appreciated. You will find some more Graffiti images in my gallery.

Have a great time...
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Find out about me and my work at "my gallery"...
01/14/06 1:37 PM GMT
Thanks for the kind remarks on 'Lime Bursts', I truly appreciate it!
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In this is love: not that we loved God, but that He loved us and sent His Son to be the atoning sacrifice for our sins. 1 John 4:10
01/14/06 6:06 PM GMT
Thanks so much for your nice words on Exploding peacock . I was just playing around with Apophysis and tryin' to figure out how it worked and that's what I got. Glad you liked it. :)
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Picture Purrrfect
01/16/06 12:20 AM GMT
thanks Kirk for stopping by my gallery - much appreciated

cheers - phil
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"Some mornings, it's just not worth chewing through the leather straps"
01/16/06 12:42 AM GMT
Kirk, thanx for the kind words on my submissions. They are very much appreiciated.
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01/18/06 12:18 AM GMT
Most grateful for viewing 'Style-Ice...and also for taking an interest in the rest of my work....very much appreciated.............Bob
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01/18/06 2:46 PM GMT
Thanks for the comment on "Where will it lead you" and yes, i do plan on posting more pics soon...
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01/20/06 6:23 AM GMT
Thank you for taking a moment to stop and comment on "Minature Snowman and Friend". I hadn't even seen that resemblence to Mr.Bill until you pointed it out!
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Before God we are all equally wise- and equally foolish. ~Albert Einstein
01/21/06 7:12 AM GMT
thanks for continuing to visit my gallery and for commenting on LIGHTNING 1

I LOVE lightning storms and this one was like a Lord of the Rings 4 hour epic!!
so glad it pleased you
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do acts of random kindness and sensless beauty! - small ***gallery* ** for your enjoyment
01/22/06 9:29 AM GMT
Hello Kirk...Thankyou for your kind comments on (MISTY MORNING).....The area as beautiful scenery and is a perfect place for all sorts of wildlife...All the best...Mick.
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01/24/06 6:12 PM GMT
Hi Kirk,

Thank you for your positive feedback on snowy January. I am very grateful for your time and comment. It is good to know there are some people who are not afraid of snow, ice and frost, lol. Stay tuned
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If you admire nature for its creations why don't you visit the gallery of its reporter...
01/25/06 11:25 PM GMT
Thank You, Thank you for your positive comment on "Looking Up". I needed that!

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02/01/06 6:27 PM GMT
Hey Kirk, Thanks for your comments on "Digital Realm". I appreciate it!
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02/05/06 12:47 AM GMT
Hi Kirk, thought you were....gone...but anyway...glad you liked "September"..good apple eatin... :)

you might like my...."Life goes on"...check it out...?!
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02/11/06 12:02 AM GMT
Kirk! Glad you liked my Lanterns in Key West. I appreciate the kind words.
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"Don't be afraid, just believe." ~Mark 5:36
02/12/06 12:01 AM GMT
Hi Kirk,thanks for your nice words on "indoor day".
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02/19/06 12:00 AM GMT
yep kirk...a genurine "jack frost" painting...thanks for viewing it...although you probly have the real thing yourself...
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02/20/06 4:36 AM GMT
"brilliant" what a compliment! thank you and I'm very glad you liked Misty Morning-
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