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Nic Berumann
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01/24/07 5:46 AM GMT09/17/22 3:19 AM GMT 

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Tides have Turned by coloradonic, photography->still life gallery Three Blind Mice by coloradonic, photography->still life gallery Hunger by coloradonic, photography->still life gallery
Tides have Turned Three Blind Mice Hunger


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01/27/07 11:35 AM GMT
Welcome to Caedes Nicholas! I noticed your "Lost Dreams" in the new images section and liked it very much, so I went to your gallery, I see you're from Colorado, it's beautiful over there (I spent a few years in Longmont), hope to see more of your work!
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01/28/07 1:39 AM GMT
Hi Nicholas. InfraRed can produce some very interesting effects. This, is a nice shot, compositionally, but not what you should have gotten. First, infr-red focuses at a different plane than normal UV light, and on any film camera lens, there was a red correcting mark, on the focusing ring, to compensate for this. I haven't delved into this in digital, so I can't comment. The picture appears well out of focus, yet did sharpen up significantly in the editor. The exposure is too hot as well, and Gamma correction can fix that. It's a fun and creative medium, but since I don't know whether you did this in the camera, or post processing(editor), it's difficult to know what happened. Best to do some reading in this area, both about focusing correction, and whether you are using an external IR filter, or photo editor created.
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02/04/07 10:43 PM GMT
Welcome to Caedes! Thanks for the comments on Water Splash. Glad you liked it...
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07/18/11 12:24 AM GMT
So, what I have figured out from looking at your gallery is... you love to mess with dolls. It's quite wierd and funny. You make creative scenes and are quite good at photography! Keep it up! :)
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07/19/11 8:38 PM GMT
Thank you .plantprincess
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Thank You Nic

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