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Douglass Griffin
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Angleton, TX 
2 May 1969 (55 years) 
08/29/06 7:26 PM GMT03/21/16 4:00 PM GMT 

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I Believe I Can Fly! Uploaded: 01/15/07 5:46 PM GMT

Image: I Believe I Can Fly!

Last one... I promise.

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Someday! Babar? Furry Jaws


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10/10/06 11:38 PM GMT
Welcome to Caedes Doug!!!

Loved your "Naptime for the Kids" shot!
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10/13/06 11:31 PM GMT
Hello Doug! Welcome to Caedes! You have dazzled me with your transit post! Wow!
What a start! I look forward to seeing MORE! Get busy! :) Terri/ MM
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Help Wanted: Clone needed to take over my duties so that I can stay on Caedes all day...
10/14/06 3:50 PM GMT
Araneus diadematus the common garden spider,It lives one to two years and is found in the northern hemisphere so your safe in Houston Douglass .... Thanks for your nice comments..
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10/15/06 8:43 PM GMT
Thanx Douglas,
Your very kind in your comment. Much appreciated. Have a wonderful evening.
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Because Nice Matters "visit my Image Gallery"
11/03/06 10:46 AM GMT
Hi! Thanks for checking out my gallery! :) Move on down here...lots of alligators & wild critters for everybody..:) Terri/MM
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Due to FALL being my busiest season at my store...I rarely am able to view & comment. Someday I will catch up. PLEASE...if there is a particular work that you really want me to view, pm and I will make it a priority! Thanks so much!
11/03/06 3:24 PM GMT
Thanks for your comments, I am looking forward to seeing some of your work.
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12/08/06 11:24 PM GMT
Thank's for Your comment on "The Chair".
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12/10/06 10:39 PM GMT
im so glad you enjoyed my capture. thanks so much for the kind comment.
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12/23/06 1:22 PM GMT
New Hampshire Calm

Douglass, thank you for your kind comments on my posting. Of thousands of pictures that I've taken, this is perhaps one of my personal fav's. So glad you liked it.

Greetings from Canada!

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You're invited to tour my gallery ••• Please note, I am grateful for your comments on my postings, though none are expected. I commit to respond to any questions asked by PM or in the posting itself. Please feel free to subscribe to the posting for notifications as you wish. I remain grateful, Rob. º¹º¹ºº¹¹º¹¹º¹ºººº¹¹º¹ºººº¹¹º¹ººº
03/25/07 10:28 AM GMT
Dougie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are back!!!!!!! I have missed you. Have you taken any new shots lately? * I will go peek in your gallery*
Thanks for commenting in mine! Hugs, Terri/MM
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Hey there Mister Madman, wat'cha know that I don't know Tell me some crazy stories, let me know who runs this show Glassy-eyed and laughing, he turns and walks away Tell me what made you that way
12/18/07 1:16 AM GMT
Thanks Doug for the comments on my picture “King”. The squirrels are safe, this Osprey only eats fish.

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02/10/08 2:19 PM GMT
Hi there! Thanks for having a look at my work "Single plank bridge"
Best wishes!
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04/12/24 4:42 AM GMT
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04/15/24 7:38 AM GMT
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