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Always somewhere out there. 
1907 (116 years) 
09/19/04 5:46 PM GMT09/25/07 7:03 PM GMT 


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12/30/04 8:45 AM GMT
Hey Kathryn!...I love the poem you wrote there...and I'm so glad you enjoy my >>Stillness<<. Thanks Indeed!!! Much apriciated...indeed!:)
And welcome to Ceades!

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12/31/04 2:08 AM GMT
Thx for your lovely comment on Johannes Vermeer .... It was my first art manipulation... manipulation yes the original has very much cracks. have a look at the original.

Copy and past this link in a new window http:// es/Girl_with_a_Pearl_Earring.jpg
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12/31/04 5:52 AM GMT
I love my >>E-ngel<< Thanks for your remark...:)
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01/03/05 5:26 AM GMT
Hello Kathryn! I see that you realy like some of my images...It is much apriciated.
You ask me what inspired me on "The Passage" image!!...hmmm...I can say only that as soon as I noticed that wall and the Lamp the vines...i was captured by the beauty and atmosphere. Thats the inspiration!!
To see and to feel sucha view i had that afternoon...Later on I will post more images of that wall and surounding area....

p.s. Blacky saz Thanks for liking his eyes:))
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01/06/05 10:46 AM GMT
Hello. Thank you so much for your "eclectic" comment on 'Namib desert 9'. It was not easy to take because of the metal grid which protects the drawings. :-)
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01/08/05 1:22 AM GMT
Hi Kathryn, thank you for the nice comment on "Past Signatures 2". Your words had me looking in the dictionary;-)
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01/09/05 1:43 AM GMT
thanks for your appreciation of Ella and the Midnight Sun. Glad it rated up there with all of those versions. ;)
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01/12/05 8:52 AM GMT
Hello Kathryn wellcome to my Gallery and thanks for your comments on «Center».Very much appreciate.
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Look around and catch it ; the Art is there !
01/13/05 12:59 AM GMT
Thanks for your comment on 'Petra'. It truly was an amazing place.
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'He who drinks Australian, thinks Australian' - Sir Willingham Foster
01/14/05 5:03 AM GMT
thanks Kathryn for you kind post on Venus Blues - it's much appreciated

cheers - Phil
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"Some mornings, it's just not worth chewing through the leather straps"
02/18/05 2:06 AM GMT
Thanks for your nice compliments on Kaliedoblue. Made it worth posting on Caedes. Have a great day!
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06/06/05 11:40 AM GMT
And thanks for the compliments on Jungle Gem. I'm pleased you liked it.
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