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05/27/05 11:32 AM GMT06/21/10 5:49 PM GMT 

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Basking in the sun Catch Of The Day First Day


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10/19/05 10:19 PM GMT
Hello rick, I hope you will share some of your work, that would be nice!!!

My Gallery
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11/05/05 5:20 AM GMT
Welcome to caedes Rick! Thank you for taking the time to comment and vote on Wanna Play . I really appreciate it! I invite you to take a look at the before and after, since Im really proud of the outcome. And I think you can appreciate Wanna Play better! please CLICK HERE. Again thank you for stopping by! glad you liked it.
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11/12/05 11:33 PM GMT
welcome to caedes!

really glad you liked CLICHษ FIREWORK .... thanks for visiting and hope you like the rest of the gallery

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do acts of random kindness and sensless beauty! - small ***gallery* ** for your enjoyment
11/28/05 8:38 PM GMT
Hi Rick, Thanks for the comment on 'Flower Light'. I realy appreciate it.
Ian :o)
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12/13/05 2:28 PM GMT
Hi Rick, thanks for your comment on 'Saginaw River Bald Eagle'. :^]
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02/09/06 12:37 AM GMT
You are welcome........I am very impressed by your work.....look forward to seeing more.........Andy
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02/13/06 10:18 AM GMT
I'm glad you liked my "Duck Assembly" - thank you for letting me know!
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03/14/06 1:45 AM GMT
Hey Rick .. thanks for your comments on my posting Fergus 1. Quiet and I went there Sunday morning. There was so much mist on the water that it was beautiful to see ...but tough to get a good shot with the camera! We started in Fergus, ended up in Elora. It was great as the water was quite high. Not as high as I've seen it before, but quite a show just the same. Much better in Fergus since the Beatty Dam collapsed. In hindsight, I should have taken a drive up to Shand Dam. There would have been a good shot or two there this time of year. *makes a note for next weekend*

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03/18/06 1:44 PM GMT
Hey Rick .. thanks for your comments on my posting Elora 5. This is a great time to head up there as the views of the river is better with the water high and the leaves still off the trees.

Thanks for the feedback.

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You're invited to tour my gallery ••• บนบนบบนนบนนบนบบบบนนบนบบบบนนบนบบบ
08/14/06 1:47 PM GMT
hi there-thanks for commenting upon Eye of the Grasshopper. I am glad you liked him. I will have to check out the insects in your gallery.
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03/23/11 10:33 PM GMT
you have some interesting pics. i like the 'ice' pics and the fire shot, definitely the little black and yellow chickady. thanks for sharing
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