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1988 (36 years) 
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Pink spread Cherry red 2 (Cherry project) CherryOS (Cherry project)


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08/17/04 1:02 AM GMT
Thanks Joe. I made Marathon Runner with a basic fractal from Chaoscope. Then I process the heck out of it in PSP. You can google Chaoscope and go right to the website. Sorry I don't have the addy for you.
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Cheers. It's kileychristine!
08/17/04 1:38 PM GMT
Muchas gracias por esas bellas palabras en "Claustro"

Thank you very much for these beautiful words in "Cloister"
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Saludos Regards From Spain
08/31/04 3:08 AM GMT
hank you for the great input on Anticipation The door series
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Art is the perception of the creator. Meaning is the perception of the viewer. acceptance is the perception of society.
09/18/04 4:08 PM GMT
Thanks for the nice comment on -Lechtal Tyrol-.Much appreciated,Joe.
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Carpe diem.
09/19/04 11:40 AM GMT
Thanks for your post on 'Green field' Joe - dig your icon!
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...Recent work .......<-☺.|.☻->
09/19/04 10:05 PM GMT
Hey Joe, wellcome to my gallery and thanks for your comments on «Cogumelos III».
Very much apreciate.

P.S. I have more moshrooms on my gallery...
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Look around and catch it !
10/11/04 7:00 PM GMT
Joe, thanks for taking the time to look at and respond to "Solomon's Love" Very much appreciated. andrew
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The righteous themselves will possess the earth, And they will reside forever upon it. Psalm 37:29
04/08/05 10:36 PM GMT
glad you liked "Golden Sunset" its a gift from God.
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I hold it true that thoughts are things; They're endowed with bodies, breath and wings: And that we send them forth to fill the world with good results, or ill. That which we call our secret thought speeds forth to earth's remotest spot, leaving it's blessings or it's woes like tracks behind it as it goes. We build our future, thought by thought for good or for ill, yet know it not. Yet so the universe was wrought . Thought is another name for fate. Choose then thy destiny and wait, for Love brings Love and Hate brings Hate. - Henry Van Dyke.
04/14/05 10:39 PM GMT
Hi Joe, thank you for liking "The Prize"! I appreciate it! Please stop by for another visit. Sincerely, Marilyn
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04/15/05 5:41 PM GMT
Thank you for the feedback on "Resting":-)
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04/16/05 3:23 AM GMT
Joe, I'm Glad you liked "Sunrise in Big D"
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Capturing for infinity that which only lasts for a short time.
04/18/05 6:49 PM GMT
Hi Joe ! Thanks for liking Butterfly Duo - I appreciate your comment !
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04/28/05 7:20 PM GMT
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04/28/05 10:43 PM GMT
Hello Joe. Thank you for your encouraging comments about “Life Bee In It” The bee was attracted to the lens of the camera for some reason, perhaps it saw itself reflected on the lens.
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There are three colours, Ten digits and seven notes, its what we do with them that’s important. Ruth Ross
05/09/05 11:35 PM GMT
Hi Joe. Thanks for your comments about "Nice nice beach". M
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05/13/05 8:26 PM GMT
Hey Joe, thanks for the comment on (Nightfall). It was in fact a bit windy and a rather long exposure, probably at least two seconds so you can see the motion in the trees. Glad you liked the picture~
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~My select image - Wading Patiently
05/17/05 10:24 AM GMT
thanks for your words on my image ( Ballet )
much appreciated .
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05/22/05 5:46 PM GMT
Hi Joe :) Thanks for taking the time to comment on "Bok Sanctuary - Squirrel." Glad you enjoyed it!
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~~~~~ bleegity, blargity, blah
05/28/05 3:38 PM GMT
Hey! Thank you for the nice comment on 'Vigilance'. It's also one of my favorite :-)
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06/17/05 1:33 PM GMT
Hi Joe, thank you for taking some time to leave a nice comment on "Reverse Thrust". I appreciate it:-)
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06/24/05 2:47 PM GMT
Hi Joe, thanks for your comment on 'Kings Cross'. I really liked the perspective too, although the photograph doesnt really portray the vastness of it very well. Thanks for your comment :)
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He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the almighty. I will say of the Lord, "He is my refuge and my fortress, my God in whom i trust". Psalm 91: 1 and 2
07/01/05 2:07 AM GMT
Many thanks Joe for your nice comment on « Ducks ». i appreciated!!!! I looked at your work and it is really very well. I liked the black and white much. They are very beautiful!
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07/04/05 12:31 AM GMT
Hi Joe,Thanks for your comments at "La toile".Much appreciated.
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07/05/05 1:27 AM GMT
thanks joe for the comment on 'strange fruit'. i think yes it is a fig :) i was too busy enjoying the pretties in the gardens to look at the names of things though!
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...for ever and ever, amen.
07/23/05 2:04 PM GMT
Hi Joe, thanks for taking the time to look at and respond to " Sunset and fog". The sunset was much better, than you can see on this photo. Sunset colors is hard to catch.

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08/22/05 5:59 PM GMT
Hi Joe. I´m glad you found my favourite & pink is one of many versions of shots taken of the oak branches against the sky. It is probarbly the best one, but take a look att Black & pink (rework) and Black & brown aswell. Thanks for commenting. -- Arne --
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02/01/06 12:11 AM GMT
Thank You for your kind comments on "Sprouting Onions ". I'm really glad you liked it.
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