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08/14/07 5:46 AM GMT
Hello Scott. First to say welcome to Caedes!! Seconding thank you for commenting on what comes around comes back. Enjoy your stay
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 Images Made By A Mac 
08/16/07 7:10 PM GMT
Hi Scott, welcome to Caedes, hope you enjoy your time here.

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Drink triple, see double, act single!!!
08/19/07 2:58 AM GMT
Hi Everyone :-) I wanted to leave a little note to say thanks so much for all the great comments and feedback! I really appreciate it and I am looking forward to hanging out in the Gallery ;-) I travel full time for work, and am trying to get a gallery up, but don't always have time for much more. So, I wanted to post a general note to everyone to say thanks for stopping by! :-) Cheers!
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-- shoot first, crop pictures later.
08/19/07 7:24 AM GMT
Thanks for commenting on The House Scott..Pretty spooky Eh....Richie.
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08/24/07 1:57 AM GMT
Thank you Scott,nice comment on
"Elephant foot yam"
And welcom to Ceades,have a nice time.
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09/06/07 11:14 PM GMT
Thanks for looking! I'm very pleased that you liked the photo.
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To live is Christ. To die is gain.
09/10/07 5:43 AM GMT
Hey Scott,
Thanks for the affirmation of the campbelltown angles and fractal image, much appreciated. :)
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Truth is simply strange.
09/15/07 10:24 PM GMT
Again Scott,
I'm glad you liked the High Court photo so much. It looks better in the dark than in the daylight. lol.
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Not all beauty is obvious.
09/20/07 2:48 AM GMT
Thanks Scott for the kind comments on my picture “Water Lily And Friend”.
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09/30/07 2:30 AM GMT
Thanks for your comment on "Campanile" I'm glad you liked it.
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Never do anything you wouldn't want printed on the front of the New York Times. ~Unknown
10/01/07 2:05 AM GMT
What a super gallery you have. I love your work.
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10/07/07 9:11 AM GMT
Thanks mate for the strong praise of Darklight. :)
Glad it hit the spot for you.
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Do I need to look in a mirror to see myself?
10/14/07 8:53 AM GMT
I appreciate your comment on my work. It`s kind of you to have left the comment. Have a nice day.
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10/27/07 9:21 AM GMT
Hi Scott,
Thanks for checking out "Uptown Blues", leaving your nice words, they are much appreciated,
Glad you enjoyed it, (~8

Thanks for stopping by
Kind regards
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"Everything fails, what matters is how strictly you define a success" (~8 8~)
11/09/07 6:56 AM GMT
So, today I tried to upload 2 photos of my dog, in the PETS section. Because this is MY gallery and I want to be able to share photos of my dog. I've seen some pretty crappy "snapshots" on this site that have been allowed and posted as "art" when they are blurry CRAP. And quite frankly I am fed up. Because instead of having my images added to MY GALLERY under PETS, I got this message from some jackass:

Personal message from mayne [ 8/11/07 21:49 ]:

Scott, I have rejected your latest uploads under our snapshot policy. When an image has been rejected please do not try to upload it again in the future.


HERE is my response:
let's just get something straight here. FIRST of all the image was approved originally and later removed because of some ignorant people. SECOND, the first time I uploaded it, I didn't realize there was a PETS section and I uploaded it in Animals. After I realized there was a pets section I figured that was the reason that the people that had a bee up their ***** was because I uploaded the file to animals instead of pets. I don't know what kind of shop you're running here, but maybe you'd better just REFUND the donation I made and I'll delete my images and account. Because quite frankly, I don't like what I'm seeing here. Either this is a place where people can share images or it's a nazi run **** site with closed minded *** holes. So, let's make that happen. REFUND my money. And I'll be outta here.


Unfortunately, I made a mistake and I misjudged this site as a respectable site. It's not. it's arbitrarily run by some ignorant people that don't know how to run a business. You can't allow one person to post utter TRASH, and stop another person from posting a QUALITY photo.
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-- shoot first, crop pictures later.
11/09/07 11:30 PM GMT
Why a so hard thread about two poor pets captures ?!?

Form Letter for Rejected Snapshots:
'Here at we are interested in creating and sharing high quality images for use as desktop wallpaper. In order to make your desktop finding experience as efficient as possible we have instituted a number of policies intended to increase the signal-to-noise ratio of the galleries. We feel "snapshot" type photographs are of little interest to most users of the website and do little to enlighten the artistic minded visitor. Therefore we have decided to discourage users from uploading such images. Your recent image upload was rejected for this reason.'

Is it not clear?
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11/10/07 11:27 AM GMT
Thank you for commenting my work "Couple"
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