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10/26/03 9:16 PM GMT10/28/07 6:42 PM GMT 

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third terra test by synikol, Computer->Landscape gallery titanium by synikol, computer gallery conduit by synikol, computer gallery
third terra test titanium conduit


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10/29/03 7:23 AM GMT
Thanks for your comments!
Welcome on this site.
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"Violence is the last resort of the incompetent" (I. Asimov)
10/29/03 2:30 PM GMT
I also thank you for the comments of my work and welcome you to this site!
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"Nessecity is the mother of invention"
10/31/03 6:45 PM GMT
Thank-You Marcus for your encouraging remarks.You have a nice web-site.I hope to be up with one soon myself.but on a more simple model.
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Living&Enjoying Life Nothing To Fear
11/03/03 6:18 PM GMT
Thanks Marcus for the nice comments.
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carpe diem
11/07/03 8:17 AM GMT
Thnx for the comments man ; )
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11/08/03 8:05 PM GMT
Hey hey synikol, wats happenin my home dawggy? jk, it was the perfect time to say dat, srry.
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"To the world you are just one person, but to just one person, you could mean the world" or " If you love someone, put their name in a circle, not a heart, because a heart can be broken but a circle can go on forever."
11/10/03 2:26 AM GMT
nice web site
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11/10/03 12:39 AM GMT
Thanks for your nice comments synikol^^. It's a very nice site you have. Some of the pieces there are just breathtaking
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11/10/03 5:41 PM GMT
Thanks for the nice comments on the walking lane 2,synikol.
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carpe diem
11/11/03 6:33 PM GMT
Thanks,marcus and welcome in Belgium.
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carpe diem
11/17/03 8:15 PM GMT
He marcus ,your French is very good,Bravo.
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carpe diem
11/21/03 12:58 AM GMT
Thank you for the comic relief.
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Illegitimus non Carborundum...
11/26/03 6:46 PM GMT
Anytime marcus^^. Your pieces are gorgeous. I like the way you associates the blue and pink with these strange shapes in your pictures. It give a very original touch to your work. it's quite vivid too.^^

Thanks again for all your comments. I appreciate them a lot^^
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11/26/03 8:17 PM GMT
Just wanted you to know that I really like your website. Great images! And, being owned by a very spoiled cat, I really got a kick out of "Cat Hangover" as well. =)
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Mary, the Caedes-addicted-BarGnat
11/29/03 11:02 PM GMT
What program do you use?
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If it were any less reliable, it would be called a Ford
11/30/03 6:01 AM GMT
Synikol, I have just left a cooment on your latest post "A place of my own"... I just wanted to say I think you have done a great job with the terrain, the way it graduates down to the little beaches, much more real than any beach I have been able to create thus far... I was going to put this in with the other comment but it was getting a bit long winded...
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-Everyone is entitled to my opinion-
12/01/03 10:41 PM GMT
Nice site. You have some real nice pics
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If it were any less reliable, it would be called a Ford
12/02/03 8:54 PM GMT
Thanks for your comments.
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"The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, but wiser people so full of doubts." Bertrand Russell
12/02/03 10:03 PM GMT
I love the updated avatar! :-D
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12/03/03 12:20 AM GMT
thanks for the comments
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12/03/03 3:12 AM GMT
I like ur icon! It really captures my personality... lol no really I like it
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BodyGuard --> *.* Ali *.* <-- BodyGuard Top 3 Artists (from Ali) #1 Ichiban #2 haynen #3 Saily
12/03/03 7:30 PM GMT
we are sharing telepathy... U know what I'm talkin'about ;)

Btw, thnx for all u're comments to my work.
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12/04/03 3:42 AM GMT
hahahaha, I just noticed that you changed your avatar to Christmas fire man :)
Good stuff Marcus
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---- Just Because You're Not Paranoid, It doesn't Mean I'm, Not out to Get you! ---
12/05/03 5:24 AM GMT
Anytime. Keep it up.
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On the road of life there are passengers, drivers, and roadkill.
12/06/03 3:28 AM GMT
YOU RULE nice pictures titanium rules
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12/11/03 12:46 AM GMT
ya, haha, my icons does look way more intoxicated (not intentional of course)
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- Jest Mi 2 Sense
12/12/03 5:47 AM GMT
thanx for ur comments on ,incubation unit 3, they r much appreciated. : {)
u have some crispy images : )
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The following sentence is true. The previous sentence is false.
12/12/03 6:27 PM GMT
Thanx for your comments on my fractals. Glad you like them!
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- Space the final frontier, and the ultimate desktop! -
12/12/03 11:12 PM GMT
Thanks a lot for your nice comment on my work synikol...
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CemKarahan, A soul,which is not dedicated to a goal;is lost. Because,being everywhere is equal to being nowhere. Montaigne
12/12/03 11:15 PM GMT
By the way the name "The Perfect Decade" was a mistake excuses.İt had to be "THE PERFECT DECAY" L.O.L. ; )
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CemKarahan, A soul,which is not dedicated to a goal;is lost. Because,being everywhere is equal to being nowhere. Montaigne
01/17/05 3:53 PM GMT
I love your icon, by the way!
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