Caedes Art Council

The Caedes Art Council is in charge of promoting new artwork to the main galleries. Artists who have succeeded in getting one or more of their works included in the main galleries are associate Art Council members. Associate members can nominate new images for the Art Council selection process. Once an image is nominated, the voting Art Council members will vote on whether to include the work in the main galleries. The process for an artwork getting in the main galleries is:
  1. Art Council or Caedes Senate members nominate the image for consideration by the Art Council. This is achieved by using a button on the main page for a given image.
  2. 19 Art Council members decide whether to include the nominated image in the permanent collection.
  3. If a majority of voters approve of the image, it is included in the permanent collection, and a congratulatory message is sent to the artist.
  4. The artist whose work was chosen is now a member of the Art Council and can nominate images.
Voting Art Council members are selected based on the following criteria:
  • Must have previously served as an associate Art Council member
  • Must have nominated one or more works to the Art Council
  • Must have had at least 40% of the nominated works accepted by the Art Council
Once promoted to voting status, the Art Council member will retain the position as long as the following is true:
  • Greater than 40% of their nominations are passed by the Art Council (though nominating works is not required)
  • In voting, their frequency of "yes" votes is between 5% and 80%.
  • Their voting is consistent with those of their fellow Art Council members (a correlation coefficient >=0.2).