The Code of Conduct

  1. General
    1. Citizens shall endevour to make a better place (or at least not worse).
    2. All comments should be mature and courteous. Any comments not in adherance to the NTV* code will be moderated or deleted.
    3. The user's profile information and username should adhere to the NTV* code.
    4. Critiques of people's work should be constructive and if possible informative and supportive. If you don't like something, say so and then tell how it could be improved.
    5. Offtopic discussions should only be in the offtopic discussion forum. Not on people's uploaded images.
    6. Unnecessarily abusive, hateful, or troll comments will be deleted.
    7. Each user may only register one username for regular use. Changing usernames is fine, but you shouldn't regularly skip between two or more names.
  2. Images
    1. Only upload images for which you have full intellectual property, fair use, or redistribution rights or permissions.
    2. If you use any material that you did not create, you must state the source of that material in the image description.
    3. Image content should be in adherance to the NTV* code.
    4. Unacceptable subject matter for images such as pornography, nudity, gratuitous wildlife copulation, screenshots of games, frames from a movie or television show, and pointless snapshots are not encouraged and may be rejected.
    5. Once an image has been uploaded to the site it should not be uploaded again unless substantial changes have been made to it. These changes should be enough so that it could be reasonably assumed that the resulting changed image would receive a better critique than the previous version.
    6. Voting on images should be based on each image's quality and not the image's author. Regularly up-voting a specific user's images will not be tolerated.

*NTV code: Only content that would be ok on network television is acceptable. (network television in the US, not Denmark!)