Contest #1 "Fowl Portrait" Results

Best photograph and interpretation of the topic:
Title: Seagul's View of SF
Author: bunyip

This photo shows the talent of a well seasoned photographer and captures the topic of the contest nicely. Bunyip has cast a noble light on the once lowly seagull and shows us that something need not be exotic to be beautiful.
Bunip recieves the coveted title "Omnipotent Wielder of the Gilded Shutter," the choice of the next contest topic, and an invitation to become a ImageMod.

Seagul's View of SF

Best creative interpretation of the topic:
Title: Footprints
Author: grizzlyjunk

This simplistic photo has a powerfully understated feeling of the seashore. I can just imagine the sound of the wind in my ears as the little bird flits by my bucket of ice-cold Corona.
Grizzlyjunk recieves the coveted title "Omnipotent Wielder of the Gilded Shutter."


Member's Favorite:
Title: Canadian Goose
Author: xentrik

This image recieved the most nominations by far. It makes an excellent wallpaper and balances the empty areas of water with just enough tufts of grass and other reflections: resulting in a very calming photo.
xentrik recieves the coveted title "Omnipotent Wielder of the Gilded Shutter."

Canadian Goose

Most Honorably Mentioned:

Feathers by reddawg151reddawg151 - Our only non-photo entry, thanks for thinking outside the (film) box!

Away with the Fairies by grizzlyjunkgrizzlyjunk - I know you worked really hard for this one. The blurred colors really mirror the little bird's behavior well.

Eagle-owl by ppigeon - A wonderfully detailed photo. At 10cm distance you're lucky it didn't eat your camera for breakfast. =D