Contest 10: Household Objects

Winners get a three month membership in the 'Caedes Cadre' as well as the honorary title "Honorable Knight of the Digital Arts."

Most Creative and Thoughtful Piece:
Title: TEC - "Cabal"
Team: TRACYJTZ, grimbug, and monkeypuzzle

Team TEC turned in two excellent "collage" type pieces featuring a unique interpretation of the topic. Rather than just show a nice picture of some toys they chose to set the toys in a child's play-time fantasy world. Both images seamlessly incorporate the photos and tell an interesting visual story.

TEC - Cabal

Second place:
Title: Tomato Still
Team: camerahound, kjh000, and reddawg151

I was particularly interested in this piece because it embodies my initial hope for this contest topic: taking a (seemingly mundaine object and dressing it up graphically. This team did a great job with these tomatoes with both the photo-manip and the secondary details (the fork border is a nice touch). haven't I seen this picture on a restaurant menu before? =)

Tomato Still

Third place:
Title: super shoes pub
Team: Cain and ppigeon

Pierre and Cain chose a rather dull object (a worn pair of boots) and accentuated their character using an old-timey style manipulation. Could they be a soldier's boot from a long forgotten war?

super shoes pub

Most Honorably Mentioned:
Each will recieve a one month membership in the supporter group.

More than meets the eye by gabi and noobguy

Keep Time by anderbre and trisweb