Contest 17: Fantasy Landscape

Primary winners receive a three month membership in the Cadre as well as the title Honorable Knight of the Digital Arts (HKotDA).
Caedes' Pick
lupine calling by monkeypuzzle

For this contest, I was looking for a level of technical proficiency in photo-manipulation which effectively made the multiple images into one: a single image versus multiple images stuck together (1+1=1). The author also needed to clearly convey a story along the lines of the contest's topic "Fantasy Landscape." "Lupine Calling" succeeds admirably on both points. Both the level of detail (illuminated snowflakes) and of vagueness (the blurred-out ancillary scene elements) reinforce the story and mood in this piece. All in all it is a very convincing portrayal.

People's Choice
In A Bottle (Retouch) by reddawg151

The contest voting overwhelmingly favored Bob Wiley's creative interpretation of the contest topic. I think the theme of encapsulation and segmentation effectively puts a new perspective on our seasonal experiences and even very existence: God's corollary to the ship in a bottle.

Consul Medal of Honor
...Upon The Wind by grimbug

Once again, Graeme wows us with a stylistic and technically virtuosic tour de force. I particularly appreciate the innovative source that he used for the sword's red streamers. It is a very complete feeling piece.

Praetor Medal of Honor
The Bitter Glass by Cain

I appreciate Lucy's interpretation of the Yeats poem. The two landscapes are both similar and different in a way that slightly confuses my initial interpretation of a Yin-Yang relationship between the two trees. Thanks for making us think a bit.

Honorable Mention
These honorable entries garner a month of Cadre membership of their authors.

The Giantess Sleeps by nmsmith
life on mars by co2metal
hand print by raggedmountainphoto
Kingdoms by groo2k
Flying Home II by endless