Contest 21: Negative Space


Winter #2 by Toto_san

"This is absolutely stunning. It's going to my favorites immediately. The white of the snow around the bench is perfect and highlights the subject beautifully. Your presentation and framing is quite appropriate and works very well here.

Before I even viewed this full size I was blown away by the pure, simple beauty of this. Regardless of whether or not you switch your entry this goes down in my mind as one of your best shots to date."


Mr Grumpy by dmk

"A slightly different take on the contest theme. Certainly worthy of inclusion, and clearly a popular favorite in this contest."

- caedes

socks by JQ

"Disappearing socks! How clever! This reminds me of the Cheshire Cat in the Alice in Wonderland movie. He kept appearing and disappearing like these sock appear to do! Good one, Jan!"

- cynlee

Passing Through by phasmid

"Brilliant interpretation PJ, this is the most creative entry I've seen so far, and definitely the one that's truest to the theme. A1."

- nigelmoore

Honorable Mention
Man Alone by third_eye
Sunday morning by elaintarha