Contest #6 "music"

First Place:
Title: Tuning in
Author: samarn

Once again samarn has combined great photography and post process composition skills to wonderful effect. Don't underestimate the power of desaturation!
To add to his already impressive array of honorary titles and positions, samarn recieves the title "Honorable Knight of the Digital Arts" (HKotDA). He also gets to choose the next contest topic.

Tuning in

Second Place:
Title: Metallic Music
Author: holleyk

With a simple modification, Holley has made this photo an even better wallpaper. The filter removed much of the distracting detail to accentuate the main theme, making music.
Holley recieves the coveted title "Honorable Knight of the Digital Arts" (HKotDA) and a three month membership in the Caedes Cadre.

Metallic Music

A Close Third:
Title: PianoStrings
Author: ammorris

I know that this is just a simple unaltered photograph, but ammorris has taken such an artistic eye to the piano that this one had to recieve recognition. I love how crisp, clean, and professional it is.
ammorris recieves the title "Omnipotent Weilder of the Gilded Shutter" (OWotGS) and a three month memberhsip in the Caedes Cadre.


Also Really Great:
These three images fit the topic well and show the artistic eye that these members have. They all get a one month membership in the Caedes Cadre.
Fine Tuning
Fine Tuning
by CaptainHero
by Sherpa
Music 1
Music 1
by reddawg151