Contest 7: Love

First Place
Rain on Rose by kjh000

What could be more romantic than a single red rose? Not only was this the most popular entry in the contest gallery, it quickly became one of the most popular contributions on "Rain on Rose" has been captured with all the detail and skill that Klas is rapidly becoming well known for, and is a most deserved winner of the coveted Omnipotent Wielder of the Gilded Shutter (OWotGS) and a 3 month membership in the Caedes Cadre.

Second Place
Children by ppigeon

No greater love do we know than that of children. Pierre has stated this greatest of human expressions most capably for the contest, and we thank him for sharing this photo of his young sons. Omnipotent Wielder of the Gilded Shutter (OWotGS).

Best Original Entry
luv by alzco

I think the first thought that entered many of our minds when we first saw this entry was, "What a sweet photo!" And the second thought was probably, "What a terrible pun!" Seriously though... Al is awarded "Omnipotent Wielder of the Gilded Shutter" (OWotGS) for what was deemed to be the Best Original Entry in this very competitive contest. A great idea, well executed, and just a little editing to finish it off... Perfect!
Al also receives a 3 month membership in the Caedes Cadre.

Best Digital Image
Burning Love by Cain

With "Burning Love", Cain has adapted her own unique style beautifully to the theme, leaving the rest of us wondering "How did she do that?". Evocative, emotional and, as always, of the highest quality; an image more than worthy of the title of Honorable Knight of the Digital Arts (HNotDA). Congratulations Cain!

Honorable Mention
Heart of ice by samarn
Love at sunset by prismmagic
Love in a Different Light by kjh000