Starter Images for contest 8

Here are the starter images for the "Manipulation" contest; thanks to Klas for all his time and effort in the selection of these images. You must choose one or more of these images to manipulate, in whatever way you wish, to produce a maximum of two entries into the contest. Please ensure that you include in your description which starter image or images you have used in your entry (i.e. A, B, C or D). The contest is only open to individuals, collaborative images may not be entered. We are considering a collaborative theme for the next contest.

Remember, the judges will be looking at how creatively you have incorporated the starter image(s), so make sure the starter image is used in a non-trivial way. You may also use outside photos,computer renders, and fractals if you desire.

The contest is open until February 22nd. Good luck!

Image A
Image B
Image C
Image D