Please note that we are no longer deleting images from the site as long as they are not against the Code of Conduct. This page is being kept for historical interest.

Ok first of all take a few deeeeeep breaths and count to ten, no make that 15. Stare at this smilie while you do it --> =D

There are a couple of reasons why images are removed from the site. I've ranked them here from most likely to least.

  1. The image is not exemplary in one way or another. Once we've had time to sufficiently discuss an image and give critical commentary on it there is little to gain from keeping it on the site. It should probably be removed unless it is of such high quality that people will regularly come and download it or learn from it in some way. These images are removed in order to make room for new creations. Removal of an image doesn't mean that you suck or that we hate you, just that we feel that you can do better and we want to encourage you to do so. Think of it as a friendly suggestion.
    Likelyhood factor: 60%
  2. The image is in a catagory which is already really well covered. There are some catagories of images like flower photos and Mandelbrot fractals which we have a lot of examples of. If an image in one of these catagories is not the best of the best then it will eventually be removed.
    Likelyhood factor: 20%
  3. The image had some bad content and was instantly smited out of existance by the always awesome "finger of death." We don't like to see images containing adult material (that's pr0n for you internet d00dz) or images that glorify bad things like terrorist or hate groups. We also have personal prejudice against cooked squash, Asian market sports cars, and the trombone.
    Likelyhood factor: 10%
  4. The image was a 'rip' and contained copyright protected material that the original poster didn't have permission to use.
    Likelyhood factor: 8%
  5. The image was accidently cast into the pit of eternal damnation. Maybe a moderator's finger slipped and accidently hit the delete button and then accidently hit the "ok, I want to delete this" button. Maybe the image hasn't been approved yet. Maybe the image has gained self awareness and decided it wants some privacy. Who knows? Certainly not me.
    Likelyhood factor: 1.9%
  6. Make up your own!
    Likelyhood factor: 0.1%

So you see, it probably wasn't an accident that your image was deleted. Most likely it was just a small part of the Big Evil Plot.