Giving an Image Review

The comment area below the images is for reviewing the author's image. Much like a review of a restaurant or movie, you are expected to give a balanced reaction to the work. This reaction should be mature, polite, and backed up by details, proof, or examples. The purpose of the review should be to help the author advance in skill by offering your own knowledge and/or talent.
  • Do include one or more point that you particularly like about the image.
  • Do include one or more points that you don't like.
  • Do offer advice on how the image could be improved or how the author's skills could be improved.
  • Don't be afraid of hurting someone's feelings. As long as your review is mature and polite most people will love your attention.
  • Don't simply state "It's awesome" or "It sucks," such statements without elaboration are useless and waste space on the site. What's awesome to a 3 year old could be awful anyone else. You have to prove that your perspective is worth considering. The best way to do this is to back up your opinions with insightful suggestions for improvment.
  • Don't conduct private conversations between someone other than the author of the image. Use the Personal Message service or offtopic discussion forum instead.